Details about event

Sunday, August 2, 1-3pm
Ohio Statehouse

Join COOR, Our Revolution - Central Ohio, and Columbus Socialist Alternative at the Statehouse to call on the resignation of Larry Householder, the repeal of HB6, getting big money and corruption out of politics, and using our tax dollars towards initiatives that benefit our communities! On Tuesday, July 21, federal agents arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder in relation to a $60 million bribery scandal. It’s one of the largest, if not THE largest, public corruption case in our state’s history. As US Attorney David DeVillers puts it: “This was bribery, plain and simple. This was a quid pro quo. This was pay to play.” And while many people may not see how this scandal at the state level connects to their lives, political corruption and $60 million in bribery to bail out a giant company that didn’t need to be bailed out, means that politicians and corporations are focused on funneling money into their own needs instead of towards bettering our communities, particularly Black communities and communities of color that are already underserved and affected by systemic racism and a history of oppression. Our elected officials should not be making deals to give money to big businesses who don’t need it, they should be working to create initiatives that help the PEOPLE who elected them to those positions. We want our legislators to fund schools, community health programs, mental health initiatives, affordable housing, affordable childcare, and so much more, not big businesses and their own pockets. We are in the middle of a revolution, and it’s time for the people to speak up. It is up to us to get involved and get big money out of politics, get corruption out of politics, and change where the money we do spend is going. It needs to go back into the communities, not to police, not to big businesses, but to the people that keep this city and state running. We are calling on the resignation of Larry Householder and the repeal of HB6 as a first steps towards ending corruption and putting taxpayer money into community programs that benefit the people, not big businesses. We are calling for all bribes and campaign donations received from First Energy to be donated to organizations that provide opportunities to underserved communities such as the Columbus Urban League
(Please reach out to us if you would like other organizations added to this list!) In addition to joining us Sunday, let your voice be heard by filling out this simple form by Our Revolution to email your state legislators to demand a repeal of HB 6 and call for Householder’s resignation: