Gaye Adegbalola playing a guitar
Gaye Adegbalola will perform LIVE (from Virginia) on Friday evening Sept 11 at 7PM -  Gaye is a Blues Music Award winner, and is best known musically as a founding member of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women (1984 – 2009). The group recorded exclusively with Alligator Records. Additionally, she has 6 recordings on her own label, Hot Toddy Music. She is very proud that they toured the world, brought many women to the blues and inspired many women to become musicians. Gaye is filled with energy and great messages.    Don’t miss this Live set!  

Gaye Workshop: Sat. @ noon 

"What happens after all the protests? What’s next?”

  • Join in the conversation. Gaye Adegbalola has fought for social justice her entire life and is a voice for those who have been marginalized. Her songs are known for their biting humor, too. Gaye's Sept. 12, noon conversation is accessible on  Hot Times FB or Gaye's FB.  Gaye will share some things that have actually happened, some things that are in the works, and some things that should be happening.
  • Details will be on the Amplified Voices page of the Festival. 
  • More about Gaye: 
  Catch Gaye Adegbalola every Sat @ 3pm on FB  with her weekly conversation THE FRONT PORCH: Half Lit & Talkin’ . . . Schmack.