Black and white old newspaper with photos of guys from a band and words The Offense and The Del Byzanteens

The Offense was an alternative music fanzine published by Tim Anstaett that appeared between April '80 and March '82, according it its Facebook Event page. Anstaett covered the punk and alternative music scene in Columbus from 1982 through 1989. Some Columbus-ites will remember the campus scene when Crazy Mama’s was the place to be.

The Offense was “…one of the longest-running and most prolific punk fanzines of the midwest. The fanzine was one of the primary sources in the US for information on post-punk and goth acts of the time as well, with features on Nick Cave, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Wolfgang Press, and other acts. This run includes the rare unnumbered Cave Report issue, a one sheet issued to report on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' visit to the Midwest,” writes

The ‘zine originated out of Magnolia Thunderpussy Records, where Anstaett worked. Fittingly, his two-volume collection that includes all 88 pages of the ‘zine will be officially released at Magnolia’s on Thursday, January 3 with special guests. Past contributors will read their works. Art from the ‘zine will be projected on a screen by local artist Charles Wince. DJ Shirley Tobias will spin tunes from The Offense era.

For the first 150 people who purchase the two-volume “As many as 150 original mint copies of the Offense Book of Books will be given a free, original, mint back issue of the ‘zine.

Lost Weekend Records will host a reading performance event for the Offense Book of Books on Friday, January 11. Anstaett and his friends will provide readings from the ‘zine, accompanied by a special music performance by Mike Rep Hummel. Again, the event will offer music from the 80s, DJed by Shirley Tobias. Again, the two-volume set will be available for purchase and the ‘zines given away with each sale.

Ron House, Paul Nini, Nancy Kangas, and Mike “Rep” Hummel will join Anstaett at the Ace of Cups for the third Offense Book of Books release party on January 19. They will perform readings from the ‘zine and music, with more DJ music from Shirley Tobias.

At each event, the book will be on sale for $35 (cash only) and a back copy of The Offense will be included (which Tim is just fine with you selling on eBay). See Facebook for information.

Magnolia Thunderpussy's Offense Book of Books Release Party
Thursday, January 8, 7-8pm
1155 N. High Street

Offense Book of Books reading performance event at Lost Weekend Records
Friday, January 11, 6-8pm
2960 N. High St.

Ace of Cups’ Offense Book of Books Reading and Music Performance
Saturday, January 19, 2-7pm
2619 N. High St.

Tim Anstaett’s community radio program “Yesterday's Top Secrets” is airing every episode in order at 7:00am Tuesday thru Friday on WCRS 92.7 and 98.3 FM in Columbus.

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