Ginther does not have a GOP challenger
People marching and holding Joe Motil banner

A report by WSYX-Channel 6 TV reporter Darrel Rowland with the title, “Ohio Issue 1 latest example of sliding government accountability, transparency” was published on social media today. Among other things, Rowland wrote, “A 6 On Your Side analysis shows that government accountability and transparency have been crumbling in Ohio for some time.”

The article refers to Gov. Mike DeWine’s refusal to debate Democratic challenger Nan Whaley in last year’s Ohio gubernatorial race. DeWine also rejected numerous interviews from media across the state of Ohio.

Rowland’s story also touches on one-party rule not only on the state-level but the “lack of accountability at the local level in the city of Columbus.”

He writes, “In places like Columbus, where Democrats dominate, incumbents often won’t debate or engage with lesser-known Republican opponents…For example, the campaign spokesman for Mayor Andrew Ginther would not commit to a debate with the Democrat’s GOP challenger this year.”

Ginther does not have a GOP challenger. As a longtime free-of-corruption member of the Democratic Party, I am his Democratic challenger.

Aside from the irony of a Columbus reporter not even accurately depicting the candidates for Columbus’ Mayoral race, Ginther refusing to debate his political opponent as his spokesperson suggests, demonstrates a continued lack of accountability to the voters of Columbus and a reticence to stand and face public questioning regarding his policies and their outcomes.  

Ginther follows closely in the footsteps of DeWine. Not only does he refuse to conduct interviews with reporters or give meaningful comments to press or public, “Giveaway Ginther” is a contemporary cut taxes for the well-to-do-anti-democratic Republican here in Columbus. Tax abatements for developers, secret deals with large corporations, avoids city laws and ethics, and has bullied his way to the top of Columbus Democratic politics.  

What say you, Andy? Are you going to continue to depend on photo ops, ribbon cuttings, empty slogans, juvenile campaign rhetoric, and developers’ campaign contributions in return for tax abatements to try to fool voters again and again? I want debates. Are you up to it?