Silhouetted figure of woman posing near a lake and horizon

We are all grieving. We grieve the loss of our normal freedom to come and go; to hug a friend; to sit in “The Shoe” with 80,000 other people cheering the Buckeyes; to gather at our local watering hole and share an evening with friends old and new.

Yes, we are all grieving. Some of us have lost loved ones to COVID. For us, the grieving process will have to play out. We are all pissed of at “the stupid virus” as my 6-year-old grandson calls it. Many of us have moved past denial into acceptance. It sucks, but it is what it is.

We’ve become expert negotiators, bargaining for a better deal: “I’ll wear the mask in the grocery store but not in the park.” Of course, there IS no entity to bargain with, there’s only a very cagey virus that takes advantage of the ignorance of a few to wreak havoc on our country.

The next stage of grief is depression. And I believe everyone, from the very young to the very old, is experiencing some level of depression. My grandson wants to go to the park to “meet new friends,” he’s desperate for kid interaction. The loss of the simple act of hugging a friend is depressing to me. I’m a hugger and it hurts to not hug my peeps. It’s depressing that so many people won’t accept the truth of the virus.

Acceptance? Yes, I guess we have accepted that this thing will be with us for several months to come. We’ve stockpiled face masks and hand sanitizer. (BTW, 151 Vodka works great. 75% alcohol. Just don’t drink the stuff.) We’re settled into our “pods” of people we see regularly. Many of us have segued to ZOOM to teach our classes. People are working from home. We’ve accepted the “new normal.”

Let’s look at this as an opportunity to create something new. Like Biden says, “Build back better.” What is it that you wanted to do before the pandemic but never found the time for? Maybe you’ve connected with old friends, found a new passion for something in a class you took to kill some time. Maybe you’ve been able to get to know your kids better. Or your spouse.

Whatever comes after this can’t be known; it can only be imagined. It’s a Paradigm Shift. Remember the analogy of third-dimensional reality as a gigantic Margarita glass that is so full, at any moment it will overflow the sides. When that happens, what comes next if unimaginable to the people in the glass. It is all brand new, a new world. We are caught in a cosmic shift of energy that will usher in the New World. I, for one, can’t wait to see what unfolds. Or should I say overflows.

It is what it is. So settle in for the ride and look for the silver lining of the cloud. There always is one!