Details about event

Thursday, May 25, 6-9pm, Halt Violence [Hilltop location], 2360 W. Broad St.

“We don’t wait for the white chalk or the yellow tape. We use our street cred to save lives by squashin’ beef in the streets when tensions are high, and without snitching to the police.”

“If you want to stop beef before it starts and make nonviolence a way of life, you gotta get to the root cause. That means changing how you think, how you deal with emotions, and providing real alternatives to violence.”

“You have to meet youth where they’re at. When you listen instead of looking down on ’em, you can address their real needs. It’s a positive domino effect that has proven to save lives and change minds on the streets of Columbus.”

This event will include free food, resources for parents with youth to avoid gun violence, and live entertainment.

Hosted by Halt Violence.

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