Young white man mostly bald holding his hands out in front of him standing in a forest

Shortly after I moved back to Ohio from Oregon in 2016, I learned that Wayne National Forest, Ohio's only national forest, was under threat from the gas and oil industry.

After learning more about what was happening, visiting the area, and meeting some locals who will be directly impacted, I felt compelled to document what's being lost and the stories of the people to whom it matters most.

Over the past year, with some support from a Heartwood mini-grant, I have shot hours of footage of scenery and wildlife, as well as gas and oil infrastructure, and have recorded and transcribed a couple of interviews with people from the area who love the forest and are being directly impacted by the industrialization of this natural area.

My immediate goal is to conduct at least two more interviews and shoot some additional spring forest footage during the April and early May, and then edit together a piece by the end of May, in time to screen it at Heartwood's 28th Annual Forest Council in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

My hope is that by sharing these stories and imagery, I can help to bring more attention to the horrific impacts the gas and oil industry is having on the natural areas and rural communities of southeast Ohio.

In order to make this happen, I need to raise some funds to help cover my expenses. All donors will be thanked in the credits. To donate, please go to: www.youcaring.comand search: Wayne National Forest.