Salon facilitator, Free Press Board member Mark Stansbery, kicked off the salon, engineered by Steve Caruso. He reiterated how it is now Pride Month and there is the usual Stonewall Pride parade next Saturday, June 17. The Community Pride alternative celebration is scheduled for September.

Watch the salon video here.

Mark spoke a bit about he and his wife Yoshie’s trip to Japan last month, to visit relatives and participate in G7 Summit protests and rallies. One message is the opposition to US involvement in the Ukraine situation, which caused a discussion among the people present. Yoshie gave a presentation on her perspective of the events in Japan and showed some photos and images. The Free Press recently posted an article about peace in Ukraine.

Mary Jane Borden spoke next, giving a presentation on Issue 1 – which will appear on the Ohio special election ballot in August. The law will severely curtail the ability of citizens to bring initiatives to the ballot. Some facts here. She also wrote a recent article for the Free Press on this subject. She emphasized that it is clear that this issue is on the ballot because of the upcoming reproductive rights initiative in Ohio. Some facts here. She told of the history of attempts to stop citizen’s initiatives and about one for marijuana legislation. Some information here.

There was not supposed to be any more August special elections in the state, per a state law, however the legislators are making an exception this year.

Ohio Governor Mike is proposing stricter voting ID guidelines as well.

The group discussed one of the biggest donors to the GOP and Trump is Richard Ellis Uihlein, a billionaire and founder of the business Uline that makes industrial supplies. He puts his money into gun rights and anti-abortion causes. 

Two events are upcoming at Comfest:

Fight Fasciam! Free Press Workshop - Friday, June 23, 3:45pm
Peace and Healing Tent

Memorial Tribute to Connie Harris – Saturday, June 24, 11am
Peace and Healing Tent

Chris Ryan mentioned that he recently saw a handbill on High Street talking about a CopCity event to organize a rally to stop Nationwide from funding a Police Training Center.

Harvey Wasserman’s weekly Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection group has a Zoom again this Monday night at 5pm.

Steve Caruso mentioned the upcoming Pacifica Network elections, and that WCRS and WGRN local community radio stations are Pacifica affiliates.

Mark announced the Inaugural Juneteenthh parade schedule for Monday, June 19, 10am-1pm. Meet at 9:30am at Hudson and Cleveland Avenue.