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Al Gore now says he opposes the Electoral College.

A mere 16 years of lethal silence has been shattered!

Eight years of George W. Bush and eight months of Donald Trump ago Gore won the US popular vote by some 500,000 ballots. 

But the Electoral College intervened.

He went to the Supreme Court to protect a recount in Florida that would have won him the election.  But the infamous Bush v. Gore shut him down, 5-4.

Despite all the money and public effort that went into trying to protect the White House from George W. Bush, Al Gore went silent.  He resurfaced with a high-budget film about climate change. 

But Gore has said and done virtually nothing about the stolen election of 2000… or about protecting any US elections thereafter.

He continues to ignore then-Gov. Jeb Bush, his opponent’s brother, stripping some 90,000 black and Hispanic voters off the registration rolls in an election allegedly decided by 537 votes.  Since 2000, Al Gore has done nothing stop the massive disenfranchisement that helped sweep Trump into the White House. 

Nor has he spoken about the electronic manipulation of thousands of computerized vote counts in Volusia County and elsewhere.  Nor has he said a word about the home-grown hacking of US voting machines that also helped put Trump in power. 

Nor has he—-until this week—-spoken openly against the Electoral College, or helped start, organize or fund a movement to get it abolished.

Had he helped fire up a movement after 2000, with his immense wealth and prestige, by now we might have abolished the slavery-based anachronism that’s put 6 presidential vote losers into the oval office…including Donald Trump.

Make no mistake—-Al Gore is a politician, not an activist.  His multi-multi-millions and political pedigree let him skate through the rich man’s mists of well-funded, high-profile, elitist advocacy. 

The former vice-president has taken care never to get his hands dirty with grassroots campaigning to protect our elections from being stolen.  Or to invest significant sums in the movement to win paper ballots or protect voter registrations or to establish some semblance of democracy.  Or to say even a word about how the 2000 election was stolen, with catastrophic consequences leading right up to Donald Trump.

Ditto John Kerry.  Gore’s fellow multi-multi millionaire, Kerry was the legitimate winner of the 2004 presidential election.  Back then we documented scores of ways the voter rolls were stripped and electronic vote count flipped by then-Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, just recently appointee to Trump’s “election integrity” commission.

On election day, 2004, Bush and Karl Rove made one trip out of DC—-to visit Blackwell, the Ohio Secretary of State.  They made no public appearances and did not visit the Governor.

At 12:20 CNN showed John Kerry winning Ohio—-and thus the presidency—-by 4.2% of the vote.  But a “glitch” stopped the flow of electronic vote counts from the server in Chattanooga, TN, where they were managed by a Bush family high-tech consultant working under a no-bid contract from Blackwell.  By 2am Bush was ahead by 2.5%—-a 6.7% shift—-and the GOP was headed back to the White House.

We fully informed Kerry’s staff.  He has yet to say a public word.

Likewise Hillary Clinton.  She won the official popular vote by at lest 2.9 million votes nationwide.  But with the Electoral College still unchallenged, Trump took the White House.

She also won the exit polls in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin—-more than enough to give her an electoral victory.  In all those states the official vote count was deeply tainted with massive registration roll stripping and widespread electronic flipping.

Hillary did not say a word.  When Jill Stein raised $7 million grassroots dollars to demand a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Clinton stopped the process. 

And thus, without significant challenge, Trump became the sixth candidate to lose a popular election and still become President.

In fact, Democratic Party candidates have legitimately won every presidential election since 1992.

But Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton all folded without a protest, without delving into how they really “lost” their elections, what must be done to establish some form of reliable electoral democracy in this country.

Gore has now emerged as a major global figure.  But nothing he does can mean much of anything until he comes clean on what happened in 2000, and what an absolute farce our elections have become.

Had they applied their immense resources to establishing a truly democratic process, with paper ballots, transparent and protected voter rolls and so much more, there is a high likelihood Donald Trump would not now be threatening the world with nuclear annihilation.

We hope they will at least begin to devote some of their immense resources to going public with what we all know is a thoroughly corrupted system….and to do something about it….so if we somehow survive Donald Trump, we don’t wind up with another one….

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