Statehouse and details

On April 19, the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 92 and Senate Joint Resolution 2, which would strip political power away from everyday Ohioans and make it harder for their voices to be heard. We cannot allow this effort to silence Ohioans to succeed. The resolution, and companion House Joint Resolution 1, raise the requirement for constitutional amendment ballot initiatives to only pass if they reach 60% approval from Ohio voters. This is an avowed step by extremists in the Ohio legislature to try to block The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety amendment. Senate Bill 92 places this abysmal idea on the ballot in an August Special Election, a massive expense for taxpayers.

Senate Joint Resolution 2 and Senate Bill 92 now proceed to the Ohio House of Representatives. You can contact both your Ohio state senator and representative using the form on our website.

Just as this legislature did in the redistricting process, dismantling the ballot initiative process once again consolidates power among politicians and silences the voices of Ohioans. Ballot initiatives are the only remaining way for Ohioans to show this legislature what we want our state to be. With Senate Joint Resolution 2, the legislature is once again changing the rules to rig the system by allowing a small minority of Ohioans to block initiatives that the majority want enacted.

The shredding of our constitution through SJR2 and HJR1 impacts so many issues that Ohioans care about. A living wage, gerrymandering, abortion rights, and many more. So many issues that the majority of Ohioans support but are not supported by our rigged legislature.

Voters across our state must have access to the ballot to pass initiatives that help our communities, that make Ohio a state where all can thrive, not just merely survive. Limiting access to the ballot is unpopular and unnecessary.

Please take action and strongly urge your elected officials to vote NO on Substitute SJR 2.