If you were on a computer during the past 2 months yon probably are aware of the backlash from members of the Columbus music community that led to R. Kelly dropping off this weekend’s Fashion Meets Music Festival. Some people weren’t feeling past sexual misconduct allegations made against R. Kelly. While this online outrage was transpiring, a group of people began organizing another festival called Femme Fest which will have 11 show 3 day benefit/festival that will also take place this weekend.

Laddan Shoar, a Femme Fest organizer explained to me how the online protest turned into a festival.:”There was the Facebook onslaught of trolling that kind of occurred with out outrage. It definitely helped to get our message out. But where it came from for us; Our concern was a little from that. Ryan and Raeghan had talked. Once they read the Village Voice article basically about R. Kelly’s sorted past. I’ve been following the story for year. They got together. They said they want to have this festival.”

Femme Fest’s other organizers are Raeghan Buchanan, Sarah Moglia, Jayme Richards, Ryan Vile, and Leighanna DeRouen.

Ryan Vile said of their initial motivation, “Let’s do something else to take this platform and make it positive.”

The line-up of Femme Fest is too solid, and too lengthy to type here. Some of the performers over the 3 days include Dominique LaRue, Bloody Show, Saintseneca, Damn the Witch Siren, Miller-Kelton, Moxy Martinez, Sex Tide, Sega Genocide. Saintsenaca and Damn The Witch Siren had previously voiced their concerns over the Fashion Meets Music Fest and eventually dropped off the event. (All politics aside: let me throw out that between the Faahion Meets Music Fest, the Femme Fest and the Bike Bike International Bike conference; there is a lot going on in Columbus this weekend.)

The Femme Fest shows will take place at 7th Son, Ace of Cups, Little Rock Bar, Kafe Kerouac, Bossy Grrl’s Pin-up, Cafe Bourbon St./The Summit Ace of Cups, Strong Water and Used Kids

But please visit femmefest.org to see who is playing when and where.

Shoar said of the event’s line-up which is female-centric but not exclusive. “We reached out to as many bands as we thought who are good solid bands; a lot of which focused on some female musicians.”

The proceeds from the door, shirts, and other items will be donated to Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

It’s pretty straight forward fund-raising technique, Ryan explained the process, “You show up at the door. You pay your money. The money goes straight into the charity’s pocket and that’s it.” Shoar added, “A lot of us can’t write a check for a hundred bucks. But you can buy a beer. Maybe buy a T-Shirt. Or you just pay to go see a show.”

Shoar has a previous history of organizing events with the Columbus Music- Co-op.

Ryan, and Reaghan’s band, The Girls are playing Saturday at Ace of Cups which adds a sad subplot to all of this.

The Girls’ guitar player Joey Blackheart died in July, Ryan said “That was literally 3 or 4 days after we had decided to do Femme Fest. And everything got messed up. Me. Raeghan. None of us could be in a room together without just crying. So it really set us back a lot. We were fortunate to be able to call in more people to help us. Even now; we are sorta distracted by that. “

I asked if this positive movement has helped with their loss, Ryan answered, “It’s definitely a distraction. When Raeghan and I get off the stage Saturday Night. Especially Monday morning. We are going to back to dealing mode.”

As you can see the Femme Fest team has dealt with a lot in a short time and has created a good thing.

I inquired if Femme Fest will happen again next year, Ryan responded, “Obviously we are going to see how the community responds. Unless we really royally mess it up. Which I don’t think we can.”