Since 1984, the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio seeks to enhance community understanding, peace, and harmony.  The first interfaith community event planned was in response to the Summit between Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan which resulted in the first nuclear deal between the two nations in more than 20 years.  Over its history, IACO leadership has committed its resources to hold community meetings/campaigns to discuss subjects related to the role of women, perspectives on the integrity of creation, the role of faith communities in the demand to end racial injustice.    This year's march highlighted two important civil acts: the Census count and the Right to Vote. With the September 30th deadline approaching for the US Census, organizers called upon the faith communities to encourage all families to participate in this once every ten year process, go here to complete the census:

and with the October 5th deadline to register to vote for the November 3, 2020 General Election, organizers called upon the faith communities to draw attention to the importance of all eligible voters to be present this year.    Reverend Susan Smith, Ohio Poor Peoples' Campaign for a Moral Revival, called upon the marchers to "Make a Plan, and Keep the Plan" in relation to voting. On September 23, 2020 there is a webinar on the elections, go here to attend: <> Many resources are available for anyone who requires more information on voting, but the first deadline for all eligible voters is to make sure you are registered to vote by October 5, 2020:, this year we are encouraging people to check your voter registration often through the Secretary of State's website.   This year's march gathered at the Ohio Supreme Courthouse and ended at Columbus City Hall. The march called attention to the importance for the Faith communities of Central Ohio to stand and be counted in both the US Census and the General Election. The march included calls for increased numbers of counselors in schools to address better the social inequities found within and among communities, for greater understanding among residents of each other's cultural imperatives, and for amplifying the call for peace and justice that might come from the interfaith communities.    During the COVID-19 pandemic and the Economic and Social unrest due to open racial injustice and economic chaos, the march organizers call for people of faith to rebuild the breach through reconciliation and truth, to feed the hungry and isolated as being central to all faith responsibilities, and to welcome the stranger in our communities.    Look for details for next year's march around the International Day of Peace, September 19, 2021. For more information please contact the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio's office at (614) 849-0290.
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