Jahman Brahman is one of those musical groups that is difficult to categorize.

While they do fall within the realm of Jam Band, their lyrics and arrangements set them apart. Their shows are high energy and they attract a loyal following everywhere they play. After graduating from Ohio State they moved to Asheville, North Carolina to set up their home base and have been touring the country continuously ever since. I recently had the opportunity to ask Rowdy Keelor, drummer and vocalist, a few questions.


PP: You all went to Ohio State and got your start in Columbus. How does it feel when you come back to play?

RK: It's always mixed emotions coming back to CBUS...on one hand it's a glorious homecoming filled with family and friends. On the other, we self impose a little more pressure on ourselves to put on a unique, fresh show.

PP: How many ComFests have you played?

RK: This will be our third ComFest performance. Each one has been amazing and holds a special place in our memory.

PP: Tell us about your Live CD scheduled to be released on this year’s first day of ComFest, Friday, July 27, 2014.

RK: We recorded live at Woodlands Tavern on December 28, 2013. We were really particular on how it was all set up...we brought in the sound engineer from our previous two albums, Andy Sartain, to capture each instrument. He then meticulously mixed it, then we had the Sound Engineer of Columbus Philharmonic master it. The energy in Woodlands that night was indescribable. We picked our favorite 80 minutes from the night (which was tough) and that's what we will offer on June 27th. We're excited!

PP: You have an overall eco-centric message in your music, why is that important to you?

RK: The word Brahman, to us, speaks to the universal collective we are all part of. The Earth is most certainly a part of that collective, and to not be a bit passionate about taking care of it would be counter-intuitive to the idea of Brahman. Recycling and similar basic forms of conservation seem like the bare minimum we can do for our Mother Earth. We like our shows to be a party with a purpose, and environmentalism seems as good a cause as any.

PP: You have been getting some serious road time in and have been touring quite a bit and playing some great festivals. Do you have a favorite?

RK: ComFest is definitely up there, due to its emphasis on positive things like community and peace. Any festival promoting ideas to make our world a more loving place, that's our favorite.

PP: Jahman Brahman fall into the Jam Band realm. What do you think makes you unique in the category?

RK: Our songwriting style, our lyrics, our intentions coming into a show to move and motivate, to invigorate and inspire.


Jahman Brahman consists of:

Nate Brown - Bass

Justin Brown - Rhythm Guit/Vox

Casey Chanatry - Lead Guit/Vox

Rowdy Keelor - Drums/Vox

Josh Loffer – Keyboards


They will be playing a set at ComFest on Friday June 27, 2014 and also an after ComFest party the same day at Park Street Patio 533 North Park Street, Columbus, OH 43215.