Alien creature with words The Great Replacement theory

JD Vance is on the precipice of becoming the next US Senator from Ohio, and how this came to pass has Ohio Dems facing another nightmarish defeat.

Whether it was Trump’s endorsement, an injection of campaign cash from gay-libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel, or Tim Ryan’s late campaign blunders, the bottom line is: Vance has become MAGA’s most visible representation in Ohio.

Who would have guessed the kid from Middletown, saved by that community’s Children Services, would be drinking from Trump’s (cool aide) strategy? Power and fame are powerful drugs, too apparently.

The former never-Trumper has been referring to migrants as “illegal aliens” while also pushing “The Great Replacement Theory,” even though his wife, Usha Chilukuri, is Indian American, known as the highest-earning ethnic-group in the US. Without a doubt, Indian Americans have created and will continue to create many, many jobs for white Americans.

Vance has continuously evoked populist rhetoric, but with a Millennial twist, focusing his most pointed attacks against “Big Tech.”

He’s made “dismantling Big Tech oligarchy” one of his campaign’s key issues. Calling for a “ban on the theft of our personal information,” saying, “If they want our data, it’s time they paid for it.”

Silicon Valley, no longer a new boogeyman for Tucker Carlson and others, has become an entrenched enemy in the heartland, and ole JD is leading the way like a good Marine would do.

At the same time, Vance is using Big Tech to win a Congressional seat by what he apparently despises: the surreptitious theft of personal date by prying into every Ohio voter’s personality, job, home, family, and who-knows-what-else.

Earlier this year, JD Vance for Senate paid Grassroots Targeting $40,000 for “research.” and on the day of Vance’s win, Grassroots Targeting said they were “grateful for the opportunity to help @JDVance1 become the next Senator from Ohio!

Grassroots Targeting’s CEO is Blaise Hazelwood, a lifelong GOP operative. Her grandfather “was close to former senator Barry M. Goldwater” and her father worked for the Nixon administration.

Grassroots Targeting, sounding like a GOP-possessed Doctor Who, promises, “We don’t just see into the future, we change it.” Put simply – and every major political campaign probably does something similar – Grassroots Targeting gathers data on individuals and uses that information to create effective messaging for campaigns. 

“Our strategic offerings center on the concept and method of Microtargeting,” states Grassroots Targeting’s LinkedIn page.

But “gathering data” would be an understatement when you consider what their proprietary technology can do.

Grassroots Targeting posted a meme last Christmas claiming, “we are impressed by Santa’s skills, but we are proud to be faster than him in our field, modeling all 220 million voters in the US in only 18,000 seconds (.00008 seconds per voter).”

“As for 2022, we will be delivering big wins in small and large races across the country.”

Perhaps Vance’s greatest hypocrisy, albeit one that can’t be proved and one MAGA would never believe, is that Vance voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“I might have to hold my nose and vote for Hillary Clinton,” he told NPR’s Terry Gross of Fresh Air fame.

Mike Gibbons, former Ohio co-finance chair for Trump’s 2016 victory and one of Vance’s GOP primary rivals, was in disbelief when Vance received Trump’s endorsement.

“Donald Trump endorsed a candidate who was recruited by Mitch McConnell,” Gibbons told 610 AM earlier this year, Columbus’s pro-MAGA radio station which has an afternoon host that regularly suggests that Dr. Fauci is looking younger and younger because he may be drinking baby’s blood.

“This guy [Vance], who came in from the West Coast, funded by Big Tech, [was] imposed on our state,” added Gibbons.

Gibbons then went off to Mars himself, saying “JD is a nice guy” but that this is the “Manchurian Candidate.”

“When somebody says they have to hold their nose and vote for Hilliary Clinton, how could they possibly have a conservative bone in their body?” he stammered.

Just like the heroin and meth which has decimated small-town Ohio where Vance is from, it’s clear that Vance will do anything for the irresistible drugs of power and fame.