Joe Motil, Independent write-in candidate for the unexpired term race for Columbus City Council, commented on a recent Columbus Dispatch article entitled, “Columbus council candidate decides to campaign after all.”  Ms. Ashley Wnek, who is technically also a candidate for the Columbus City Council unexpired term race claimed that, “I am working to let people know they have an alternative to my opponent, who is currently the subject of an ethics investigation.” 

Motil stated, “This has to be one of the most bizarre and laughable announcements ever by someone who alleges to offer a choice as a candidate. Ms. Wnek lacks any credibility what so ever and should not be taken seriously. If she were so concerned about the direction the City of Columbus is taking and the inequality that exists in our community, why did she wait until nearly seven and half months to decide that she has something to say?  And in all actuality, she has had nothing to say." She has not attended a single candidate’s event, and along with Shannon Hardin, another candidate, could not even find the time to answer two questions and give some background information for the League of Women Voters customary Voters Information Bulletin.  Ms. Wnek has technically been an official candidate since February 17, when her petitions for Declaration of Candidacy were certified by the Franklin County Board of Elections.   Motil further claimed, “My campaign sources have informed me that Mr. Hardin’s numbers show him in trouble with his ONLY true opponent. It has been alleged that the Franklin County Republican and Democratic Party’s have cut a deal on a future judicial race that would allow for Ms. Wnek to run unopposed if she would wake up from hibernation and announce that she is running in order to split the vote in my race.”  There is a well documented history of both major political parties working together and deciding when judicial candidates in Franklin County should run unopposed.     Motil concluded, “These people have no shame. They will do anything to manipulate an election and even use the election booth as a tool for such corruption. Ms. Wnek’s name should be removed from the voting booth for disgracing and abuse of the political process. The voters of Columbus will see through these underhanded schemes and ignore such mythical candidates and Write-In Joe Motil for the Unexpired Term Race for Columbus City Council.” Motil is endorsed by the Franklin County Green Party.