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ComFest needs people with professional license and/or other comparable standing in health care & medicine are automatically welcome. For those not, you only need to have certified training (Red Cross and American Heart Assn courses qualify) in First Aid & CPR, or otherwise demonstrate appropriate skills.

We operate two First Aid Stations: the Main Station, in the center of Goodale Park, is just a bit northwest of Safety Radio Base, and adjacent to Cleanup & Recycling, Signage, and the golf cart corral. It operates 9am-midnight on Friday, somewhat earlier on Saturday and Sunday. Station 2 is on the east edge of Goodale Park, across the street from the intersection of Park Street and West Poplar, and operates 3-11pm Friday, and 3-9pm Saturday and Sunday. Both First Aid Stations are in synch with a three-member unit of firefighter/paramedics from the Special Events Office of the Columbus Division of Fire. Firefighters and colleagues are members of Local 67, IAF.

2015 Community Festival (ComFest) First Aid volunteer signups are available at

We have the following openings that need to be filled:   **Friday (9 total): MAIN STATION: 2 @ 9-midnight STATION TWO: 3 @ 3-6 1 @ 6-9 3 @ 9-11pm   **Saturday: (5 total): MAIN STATION: 1 @ 3-6 1 @ 9-midningt STATION TWO: 2 @ 3-6 1 @ 6-9pm.   **Sunday: (19 total): MAIN STATION: 2 @ 3-6 3 @ 6-9 4 @ 9-midnight STATION TWO: 5 @ 3-6 5 @ 6-9pm.