Juiceboxx. Photo Credit Sarah Bradham



I saw Milwaukee Rapper Juiceboxxx perform last year as an opener for Jeff the Brotherhood. He was wearing a denim jacket, and walked this line between Kid Rock and James Chance in terms of a rap-metal presentation that was somewhat grotesque but obviously literate in the cooler aspects of proto-punk rock and good Hip Hop. Almost in a manner that you either want to tell him to go take a piss, or go be his friend because you know you can completely relate to him.


At his merch table Juiceboxxx was selling his own energy drink called “Thunderzone.” I thought the idea of selling DIY energy drink next to 7inches and other merch was a clever artistic statement in some capacity. Energy drinks sponsor so many things in music that it was almost saying, ‘if energy drinks drive an underground economy; why not make your own.’

This is thing about his “Thunderzone” brand and what Juiceboxxx has named his genre “Nu American” it filters all aspects of subculture; warts and all into one setting. If you watch his video for “Broken Down” off his Mix-tape “Beyond the Thunder Zone” you will hear him rap over “All About the Benjamin's” while people skateboard in a manner that you will swear it was a Beastie Boy not a Bad Boy song.

And see the pop-art in both reference points.

Juiceboxxx has toured with Chuck D extensively as well as booked his own tours in both the underground punk circuit and Blog- B-more dance world. In order to be self-contained, he often travels by bus, and raps off an i-pod. He recently made the Huffington post when this basement touring idea went awry while playing on a Milwaukee morning show.


Juiceboxxx is performing at Cafe Bourbon Street Tuesday May 20th. I interviewed Juiceboxxx right before he headed out on tour.



What is Nu American?

That kid who grew up listening to rap, rock and electronica all at the same damn time.


Would Nu American prefer Rage Against the Machine or Kid Rock as a parent?

Rage is the mother. Rock is the father.


How does Nu American fit in with people like the Goats, Body Count or Justin Warfield?

Respect to all three but I'm thinking more like UGK, Bad Brains and Lenny Kravitz. 


You recently were in the Huffington Post for a Milwaukee TV performance gone awry.

What happened?

Extreme technical difficulties. I hate to be defensive but I mean... It was a weird situation.


Are you embarrassed or do you just look at it as something that happened?

You gotta put yourself out there. Shit happens. Just another blip in my long, strange life as a music maker.


You often rap about taking the Greyhound and Chinatown bus to tour. What cites has the best bus station?  What city has the worst?

I have fond memories of El Paso. Chinatown station in Philly holds a place in my heart.


Did you utilized the Discovery Pass? Has the discontinuing of the discovery pass hurt you?

Never did the D-Pass because I always switched it up from van to bus to air transit (often within one single tour). Wish there was still a D-Pass. Wanna do another solo tour called "BACK ON THE GODDAMN GREYHOUND".


Whenever I am on the bus I try to do drugs or engage in sexual activities. I have found you have to be on a bus trip with someone you are already dating for the sex idea to not be a ridiculous figment of your imagination. Have you ever done drugs or engaged in sexual activity while taking the bus around?

I wish I could say that (would be "cool") but honestly when I was touring on a bus it was hard enough not losing my mind sober.


What is animosity towards Am Trak/Vans?

I got nothing but love. Touring in a rental right now with Sat Radio (STERN) and I took a train a few months ago. I am in favor of all modes of transportation. Once toured Europe alone on mostly trains for a month. Played a lot of raves and squats.


Why did you choose Coney Island as a location for the Bang Your Head Video? 

I was living in Far Rockaway Queens at the time, sleeping on a floor behind a bar. We were going to shoot the video in Far Roc but then we said "fuck it" because Coney Island is sicker. I love that place.


This is the “Business As Usual” Tour.  Is that an EPMD reference or a Men At Work reference?

It is a reference to the fact that I am in the Rock And Roll business, and it is business as usual. 


How does DJ George Costanza compare to DJ Scratch?

Costanza is always pushing culture forward. He was chopping and screwing trance music over 10 years ago, long before SALEM and other trendy whatever. Check out his singular mix of tween emo electro and hard southern rap.


How do you compare to Men At Work’s Colin Hay?

I consider him a peer.

How do you stay being such a nice guy?


When I toured with Public Enemy, Chuck D was very kind to me even though he had no need to be. That really stuck with me.

Big & Rich, Professional Wrestling and DJ Musa will also perform Tuesday. The cover is $5. It is also dollar pierogi night.