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Did you miss the July Free Press Second Saturday Cyber-Salon?

If so, here's a run-down of what happened and how you can be involved next time!

Speakers were Mia Santiago, one of the founders of the Columbus Freedom Coalition spoke about that group that works with prisoners and on social justice issues.

OSU Professor Pranav Jani discussed the current struggles to make change with the city and police force and had a great analysis on how we can keep the momentum going.

We saw a series of photos taken by Paul Becker who has been a persistent documentarian of the events happening since the George Floyd murder protests began.

Mary Jane Borden spoke about the racist drug war. Victoria Khan, Angelica Warren and Amy Wolfinbargerof the Ohio Rights Group spoke on marijuana issues. We heard about the atrocious drug charges brought against Peggy Sue Kimmel and Glenn Keeling of Mercer County, Ohio.

Unfortunately, this salon was zoom-bombed by some very immature racists and at the beginning you may hear profane language and racially-charged expletives before we were able to get rid of them. Sorry about that! It stops after the first ten minutes or so.

You can view the recording of the Salon on our Free Press Network YouTube channel: July Cyber-Salon

Kevin Hagans

Kevin is a local activist and violin player, organized a march to commemorate Elijah McClain, killed by police in Aurora, Colorado a year ago for no reason. Elijah was known for playing his violin for animals at an animal shelter. Kevin gathered up other violin players and they played as they marched. Videos are available below.

Kevin Hagan’s Loop Performance -

Three Clips from The Elijah McClain March - July 4, 2020 1min 29 sec 1min 13sec 3min 31sec

Columbus Freedom Coalition

The Columbus Freedom Coalition (CFC) is a group of Columbus, OH-based organizers working to end all forms of state-sanctioned violence and build a world without police or prisons. They started with the police murder of Julius Tate and the conviction and incarceration of his girlfriend. CFC needs volunteers to help with writing letters to prisoners, to help with legal cases (no law background necessary), and fund-raising. GoFundMe for Julius Tate.

Here is a link to 12 to Abolish 12 Demands Mia co-authored with Black Queer Intersectional Columbus (BQIC). These demands are just some of the things the city is fighting for, but I believe they serve as a helpful to list to (continue to) work from.

Article co-authored by Mia Santiago: 'I don’t deserve to die in here': women in an Ohio prison fear Covid-19 will kill them by Kaiya Gordon and Mia Santiago

You can find Columbus Freedom Coalition on social media:

Facebook: Columbus Freedom Coalition
Instagram: @cbusfreedomcoalition
Twitter: @cbusfreedom
Medium blog: search “Columbus Freedom Coalition” to find our series “Letters from the Inside: COVID-19 and the Carceral State”

The link in the CFC bio on Instagram has more information on where to donate and other initiative to support.

To get involved, please contact us on social media or email us at

The Left Is Remaking the World
“Defund the police” and “cancel rent” aren’t reforms, but paths to revolution.
By Amna A. Akbar
Ms. Akbar is an OSU law professor who studies leftist social movements

Mary Jane Borden – Ohio Rights Group

War on Drugs quotes - attached at the end of this article

Amy Wolfinbarger speaking on Peggy Sue Kimmel and Glenn Keeling

They need your support! Write to the judge on their behalf.
Protest for Peggy Sue and Glenn.
Sample letter to the judge - attached at the end of this article

Move to Amend

If you agree that corporations are NOT people and Money is NOT speech, sign this petition.

If you sign the Move to Amend petition, you will get a reminder of the "Speaking of Democracy" programs about local issues. This includes Becca Pollard's talk (July 23, 7-8) on the fracking plant planned for OSU's main campus.

Hope to see you at the next salon – August 8, 7-9pm!
Pete Johnson
President, Columbus Institute for contemporary Journalism

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