A sign with a cup with yellow liquid and words Kung Fu Tea

The memory of Kenneth Blackwell’s presence looms as voter suppression along with Russian hacking clouds the last election. Kenneth Starr, as some people could not just get over their baggage from the 90’s Clinton term. This writing would not exist without Kenny Powers.

In many ways, the electoral college victory was the resurgence of the washed-up megalomaniac has been to frame the hipster-era to the failures of the hippies. And somewhat seems to be the thought process of the bulk of the president’s attempts at policy.

True, gentrification probably helped create some of the hipsters that the average Kenny Powers resent. And of course racism. Kenny Powers was not physically displaced by gentrification. Kenny Powers is a device. This makes the current racial climate even more sinister. Land acquisition is never without conflict. However, you can gather why I have no reservations saying the confederacy should have krautrocked during the reconstruction. 

There might not be perfect justice on stolen land, but we can try our best because this is where we exist. We have understanding through Kung Fu Kenny. Kung Fu Kenny is the everyday guy who lives in neighborhoods that aren’t trendy, cosmopolitan or gentrified.

Take Columbus, Ohio’s Kenny Road era. Please read my last year’s guide if you need help finding the names of record stores or thinking involving youth culture and things of a DIY nature. Let’s say you just drove your car past all those previously mentioned locations. Once you leave the OSU campus, you can find yourself turning off Ackerman to Kenny Rd.

  Chatham Village is viewable. While, Chatham Village is not exactly Chatham Chicago, putting yourself in the mindset of one of America’s larger black middle class neighborhoods will perhaps let you rethink America. To be clear, Kenny Rd’s Chatham Village is just a place where people live. Not the equivalent of the referenced location. As you drive down Kenny Road, you will see a golf course.

My guess is these were built for the leisure of the greatest generation who were settling in suburban living post WW2.  As you head north on Kenny Rd, after passing several churches, you will find a shopping center called the Kenny Center. I recommend hitting up Kung Fu Tea in the Kenny Center. Kung Fu Tea has beverages that include Bubble Milk Tea, Strawberry Lemonade and Signature coffee.

There is a Japanese gift shop called J-Avenue that sells pots, pans, trinkets, toys and gadgets. I swear in the midst of cutesy lunchboxes and pottery there is a massager that appears to be intended for discreet female masturbation. My sense of humor thought of this being a convenient manner for Japanese housewives to not have to drive to the Garden to buy vibrators. Completely a platonic jests because I do not have an Asian fetish. Don't confuse this for fantasy.

This is doodle of the everyday diversity of America coupled with some food suggestions and lens of caution. Completely respect everything that has made America so that’s why I’m using this Kendrick Lamar reference to make you read this. In fact really, I’m almost to the point of skipping the mention of the Sapphire Indian Food, Tensuke Market with Asian grociers, and Sushi Ten’s tofu rolls.

There is something that completes the Midwest by eating White Castle, Sushi and Bubble Tea while using Fed-Ex Office, or Staples. Proper behavior for Eminem’s sons. However, once you pass Kenny Center the most terrifying signage in exists between the Cleveland Clinic, directly behind the Panera and Starbucks on Bethel Rd.

Once viewing this signage you will realize a factor you really don’t want to do no favors. This factor is the money behind the attempt to Roman Empire the United States.

I don’t want to make a mistake in advertising the wrong thing. However after noticing this signage I started analyzing less blatant but still curious “signs.”

Less openly committed but troubling in how money works than my vague direction are beer companies that have invested with our President. Budweiser wisely distanced from the following debate by just branding signs “America.”

I have a question, but don’t know for sure: Are the other major beer companies Moscow Mules? Do we consider contributing to the President’s campaign funding the destabilization of our country through exploitation of our countries racial history?

The president's recent support of white supremacists continues me wondering: How do beer companies that finance the president profit from sports or music events? I have not been going to shows I want to see because I don't know the answer to these questions.

Please Divest. Please divest from the President if you haven’t yet. People should have the freedom to consume the beer they like without funding something no one wants.

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