Hello, I'm Lady Monster. I'm a Certified Sex Specialist.

Sex is my passion, especially sexuality studies. In 1992, I began reading my own sexual stories and poetry aloud. In 1998, I volunteered for Columbus Ohio Sex Information, a hotline providing anonymous, non-judgmental information to callers with questions.

I moved to San Francisco in 2001. I received more training from San Francisco Sex Information and worked on their hotline and events. I progressed to co-producing events at Carol Queen's Center for Sex and Culture and then worked as a Production Assistant for Annie Sprinkle's Love Art Lab for three years. I was immersed in the sex-positive culture of San Francisco.

I have no issues regarding sex, except when they hinge on issues of consent. I maintain the three basics of sex-positive interactions: Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Regardless of the questions I receive in this column, I will respond with positive, non-judgmental information. My goal is to provide educational, progressive and provocative insight to one's most primal of urges, and shine a light into our bedrooms to bring us all closer together.

Buzzwords and phrases that I will spend time discussing include (but are not limited to) (and are in no particular order):
Sex-Positive, Sex Worker, Trans, LGBTQI, Slut-Shaming, Sissy, Rape Culture, Drag, Cross-Dressing, Female Ejaculation, Anal, G-Spot, ED, Premature Ejaculation, Masturbation (FAP), Full-Body Orgasm, BDSM, D&S, Power Exchange, Tantra, Burlesque, Ecosexual, Oral, Fat-Shaming, Body-Positive, Lifestyle, Hobbyist, Furry, BRONY, Pegging, Sounding, Golden Showers, Libertine, Hedonism, Polyamory, Consent, Snowball, Play Parties, Bukkake, Gang Bang, STI, STD, Taboo, Fetishes, Docking, Frotting, Figging, Aging and Ageism, Cock (Cunt) Blocking, Scrogging, Snogging.

While you chew on those terms, also consider Allen Ginsberg from his Deliberate Prose: Essays from 1952-1995.

“When government controls your sex, it's against grass root enterprise and rugged individualism. For once they got you by the balls, you got to stand for their roll-calls,  
they clip you in your private parts to weaken all your public arts, 
and this is true and secret cause the pow'rs that be love their sex laws. No pious purpose whatsoever is served by government sex regulation, it only encourages superficial sex famine, prevents man from getting enough satisfaction to be satiated and disillusioned by experience that he pass on to higher states of freedom. Through liberation from all craving and desire, as suggested by the Buddha. All these pious sex laws only hinder the process of enlightenment, thus Blake and Yeats also warned the public.”

“The Power and Experience of Your Sexuality is Limitless.”
This is my quote. I use it as often as possible.

“The more you know, the less you fear.” This is also my quote.
Let's dispel the fear and bring on the light, love and understanding. How far can we go? What are your limits? What are your partner's limits? Are they physical, mental, emotional?

Let's explore. I am here, without censorship, with love. Let it flow. 

Please send your questions to: to have them published anonymously.