White watch and band with blue face and words I accept this award on behalf of the band Mike D

I am deviating from my decision to not write about politics for about 136 words – with the understanding that Democrats and Republicans know that impeachment might not ruin the President’s reelection campaign.

The Democratic-controlled House should impeach. I assume The Republican-controlled Senate would not repeat their Nixon decision that demanded the President resign or make the decision to convict the President in the Senate.

My presumed outcome from the impeachment of the President is Democrats avoiding advertisements that say: ‘Democrats didn’t even believe their own Russian hoax.’ The President would tweet about the Senate not convicting him instead. There was nothing disrespectful to Republicans or praising of Democrats in these statements.

This doesn’t say the President will be reelected or not be reelected.

The only real message is regarding commercials you’ll watch while watching football vs. if you want to look at The President’s twitter.

Music Reviews:

We do not call the Free Press the JRAWLS’ Newsletter.  With that said – it would be silly to not mention that The Columbus Hip Hoppers’ remix of the Beastie Boys “Shadrach” off the Beastie Boys’ Second Album “Paul’s Boutique” is involved with the 30-Year Anniversary of that album. The Beastie Boys are releasing a set of three EPs of remixes in celebration of 1989’s “Paul’s Boutique.”

The Beastie Boys’ second album had them leaving Def Jam and signing with Capital. This also began the image change from party animals who partied to simple guitars to party animals who studied Hip Hop history.

This created “the Portrait of Artist as Curator” because the Beasties showed a lot of collages of good taste.  Do we call this “Boutique Culture?”

This was shortly before the grunge era asserted punk ideals into mainstream youth culture. This was also moments before Hip Hop’s record, sneaker and respect for its own history found its way into mainstream youth culture.

The immediate response was a diss song “Sons Of Third Bass” from a new white rap group Third Bass who labeled the Beasties, “Def Jam reject devils.” Third Bass wanted to create a divide between the image of black culture and the Beastie Boys. Reverence from critics and humans who wanted to learn about music was why the Beastie Boys’ rebranding installed them as one of the most respected groups in music despite “Paul’s Boutique’s” short-term record sales slump which the Beasties Boys quickly recovered from.

The Beasties just looked like skateboarders who listened to punk rock albums and early 80’s Hip Hop. Third Bass looked like the current fashions of New York Hip Hop circa 1989.

In retrospect the Beastie Boys didn’t dress much differently than the cast of Wild Style or Odd Future.

The longterm:  2 classic albums by Third Bass. The Beastie Boys became one of the most influential groups in music.  The Beastie Boys were inducted in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

R.I.P. MCA while watching Jay-Z rap over a Beastie Boy’s Rick Rubin instrumentals. (I know the Rick Rubin songs were from “License To Ill.)

The other longterm result was the Beasties showing you can go from fighting with your label if you should name your first album “Don’t Be A Faggot” instead of “License to Ill” then becoming the rap group who became synonymous with respecting gay people and women in a field that wasn’t sure if you could market to white males and respect women and homosexuals.

This segment started because the Beastie Boys picked a J-Rawls’ 15+ year old remix the Columbus legend made for Beastie Boys’ celebration of “Paul’s Boutique.”

Def Jam made the correct marketing decision in not allowing the Beastie Boys to name the “License to Ill” album “Don’t Be A Faggot” but was wrong regarding if the Beastie Boys could maintain their relationship with humans who liked music after leaving Def Jam for Capital.

The Beastie Boys would probably agree with that statement after 1990.