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We, the members of the OSU community, are profoundly concerned about recent developments regarding the removal of the OSU Divest initiative from this year's election ballot. It is imperative for our university to cultivate an inclusive environment where every voice, regardless of origin or perspective, is valued and acknowledged.

The decision to exclude the OSU Divest initiative appears to be a deliberate effort to stifle pro-Palestinian viewpoints and hinder constructive dialogue on divestment. Despite the Judicial Panel acknowledging procedural ambiguities and inconsistencies in bylaw interpretation, the proposed solution of a potential re-hearing and special election unfairly penalizes OSU Divest, prolonging an unjust situation unnecessarily.

We, the undersigned, (1) implore the administration to recognize the unconstitutional nature of these actions, (2) ensure current elections are considered contested and official election results are not announced until a fair ruling is granted for the divestment initiative (per election bylaws), and (3) promptly address the issue by facilitating a special election for the initiative without necessitating a re-hearing. This approach would ensure a fair and transparent resolution that upholds democratic principles and student representation.

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