Critical race theory book display

A generation ago, racist politicians invented a mythical “Willie Horton” as a made-up “straw man” to represent their false stereotype of African Americans. They campaigned against this mythical character, using his made-up bad behavior as something we had to fight against, change. Unfortunately, they were able to mobilize many white people to vote against their own interests, further their reactionary agenda that hurt all of us.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an important theory developed over 30 years ago that explains how racism/inequality toward one group also harms, increases inequality of others, including white people and harms our nation as a whole. It in no way vilified white people. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped Republicans, racists, from saying it did, using it (like those politicians a generation used Willie Horton) to mobilize their base.

CRT shows how race/racism has been central to our nation’s development, since even before its founding. It shows how defeating racism is key to progress, for African Americans, but also for white folks. Republicans are using our people’s ignorance to push cutting Social Security, huge tax cuts for the wealthy.

Isn’t it time we relied on facts, worked to further our nation, all our people, instead of allowing fearmongering hypocrites to divide us, hurt all Americans?


Bruce Bostick is the Vice President of the Ohio Alliance of Retired Americans-ARA.