Hand writing a letter

A new oil and gas project is coming to Central Ohio, this time in Licking County. The under-construction Freepoint Eco-systems plastic incinerator poses significant risks to public health for Ohioans by creating harmful pollution from start to finish.

Currently, residents can look forward to a high-emissions transport of incineration equipment to Licking County. ODOT announced late in February that a convoy of "super loads" would be making their way to central Ohio from Manchester requiring coordinated planning and disruption to Ohio drivers. Four ot five of those superloads were confirmed by Hebron Mayor Valerie Mockus to be headed to the Freepoint “advanced recycling” facility.

Ohio is home to 2 of the 11 operating plastic incinerators in the country, with Freepoint being the third. While advanced recycling may sound environmentally friendly, it is actually a misnomer for a toxic, carcinogenic set of controversial technologies. 

A recent report by Beyond Plastics and the International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) reveals advanced recycling is ineffective in reducing plastic waste, energy intensive, and creates major sources of air pollution and hazardous waste for neighboring communities. This coordinated effort from ODOT and utility companies to support this polluting facility shows increased government and business dollars invested in activities that don’t benefit our climate or Ohio residents' best interest.


Isaiah Back-Gaal is a graduate student and a climate organizer in Columbus.