Dear editor Why does money matter in politics? Money appears to be overwhelming county, city, state and federal elections why does money matter so much? WHAT! Independents and undecided voters are those the big money appears to be targeting. Why does it matter that money is being spent for and against this and that. I believe money matters because there are many so-called independents and undecided that are in reality un-informed potential voters. Independents appear to not know the issues in any election and they are therefore waiting for money to be splashed around to help them decide which way they should go (vote). If you know the issues and have decided your position why would money influence your decision and/or position? It appears the big spenders have already surmised that there are no truly independents out there how did they come to that conclusion? They have observed over and over again that they can throw money your way and steer you (like cattle) where they want you to go making you believe it was your decision to go there because you are an independent….please! You may call yourselves independents party- wise but your behavior belies the fact that you are independent ….voting-wise. Why would you wait until the money start splashing around with lying ads and convoluted positions before you get on board somewhere? When most folk (including myself) make up our minds money thrown at us is going no place unless we can catch it and spend it. If one has to wait just before an election to be persuaded which way to go…it. Is obvious you weren’t ready to vote at all because you did not have the info you needed. A perfect example: The big spenders threw serious money into the mix at Issues 50 and 51 and they still lost. If their money made a whit of a difference it certainly didn’t show. The Union busting ballot initiative. The same. Money didn’t matter. They still lost. Ohio and Columbus have some of the best informed voters in the nation. Join us independents. Get information early on. Take a position before the big money engulfs you and confuse you. Make up your own mind. Read The Free Press and other publications. Be informed . Many of the big spenders aren’t telling you the truth anyway. They are spinning their position to you many times against you and yours best interest. Jerry Adderley Columbus Dear Editor Thank you for (Michael Alwood's) wonderful article about Frank Zindler's efforts to counter voter suppression in the University District that had appeared in (Nov. 7) issue of the Columbus Free Press. I am glad that I had been able to play a role in getting that story out. I particularly enjoyed your writing style. Had I written that story, I probably would have used traditional "news-writing" style; the writing style that you had used had been far more "personal" than any "news-writing" style would have allowed. What I had not mentioned about Frank when introducing him to the Free Press is that Frank has been nationally known as an open atheist for the past several decades; has been an advocate for atheists, nationally, for the past several decades; and is the only friend of mine who had known Madeline Murray Ohare. Bob Roehm Columbus

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