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How is it that the New York Times reported that, “In the moment before Casey Goodson Jr. was shot dead by a sheriff’s deputy at the entrance of his home, his lifelong neighbor heard a man shouting, as if he were arguing, and then a burst of gunfire.”

“The neighbor, Andrew Weeks, rushed to a window and saw three men outside, at least one holding a rifle. He called the police, unaware that the three men — all in plain clothes — were law enforcement officers.” “Before long, the block was lined with emergency vehicles, and Mr. Goodson was carried out on a stretcher, fatally wounded from several gunshot wounds.” I have never heard any of this from our local media.

And local media continues to hide other statements and comments which were reported by the Washington Post from outspoken local activists such as Scott Woods such as, “Columbus residents' emotions are still raw from the killings of 13-year-old Tyre King and 23-year-old Henry Green in 2016, also at the hands of police — neither of which led to an indictment, said Scott Woods, 49, a local activist.”

"There's nothing that a law enforcement official can do that would appear to garner any reasonable punishment, up to and including murder," Woods said. "It's as if they are untouchable. They can do anything, and it doesn't matter how much we protest."

"Robin Davis, the mayor's spokeswoman, said police are investigating reports of a verbal altercation before the shooting. Sarah Gelsomino, the family attorney, said they heard no yelling or other commotion before the gunshots."

"They saw Casey on the floor and Meade in the doorway yelling at them and pointing a gun at them," Gelsomino said.

In her 911 call, Goodson's grandmother, Sharon Payne, said: "My grandson just got shot in the back when he come in the house. … I don't know if he's okay."

Officers quickly ordered relatives away from the scene, she said, leaving them unable to get a good look at the man's injuries or render assistance.

"They were threatening everybody in the house," Payne told the dispatcher. When the dispatcher asks a minute into the call whether Goodson is breathing, Payne said: "I don't know. They won't let me in the kitchen."

Goodson's cousin, who was also at the scene, told another dispatcher, "I don't know if they really are police for real. … They won't let us walk over there."