Love is Letting Go of Fearis the title of a small book  with a big message. You can think of love and fear as sides of a coin: while the one side is dominant, the other side is negated.

In our current situation, there is a lot of fear going around concerning the COVID virus. But is it rational?

If it’s true that love and fear, light and dark, life and death are sides of a coin, we have the ability to decide which side of the coin we are going to turn up. It’s a choice. Yes, even life and death because we make choices every day that effect the quality and quantity of our life. And we can choose to NOT be afraid.

Remember the Law of Attraction: “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” What we focus our energy and attention on is what we manifest in our life.

Since I began writing this column, George Floyd was murdered. During this volatile and uncertain time we’re experiencing, how do we stay positive, turn the coin of hope up? In the face of two crises, two viruses that are dominating our lives, how do we respond. And, actually, I’d like to speak about my choice of words: I said “ how do we respond?” not how do we react. A reaction is an in-the-moment action, often based on emotion not logic. A response is a thoughtful action intended to, in this case, address racial injustice in our country.

One way is to envision, imagine, create a scenario in your mind of the future that you would desire. Since it’s your creation, be as bold as you like, as outrageous as your imagination conjures a shared future reality.

I shared my vision on my radio show, “Calling All Seekers,” called “The New Matriarchy with y’all a while back. I just thought about what a utopian future would look like for me. And, yes, women would be in charge. Finally!

I digress. The point is, you can invent, imagine  create YOUR  vision for the future. The hard part is to REMEMBER to remember that vision. You could make it regular meditation practice to remember your vision.

I believe that the majority of people are “good”, loving souls who want the best for their children and their community. We have to walk the talk toward a new shared reality; post COVID, post racial injustice. The first one will be easier than the second. And with all of us working toward a shared goal of “peace and justice for all” we have the opportunity to chart a new course for humanity.

A world with equality for all, where everyone’s talents are appreciated and our differences are celebrated not vilified;

A world where ALL children are cherished and nurtured;

A world where Earth is honored and revered as our Mother;

Where women are in positions of leadership and power worldwide

These are some of my visions/wishes for the future. What are yours? Write it down, speak it out loud. Share it with others. Encourage them to think about what they would want.

Remember “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” When you get sucked into a vortex of fear and doubt (and we all do from time to time), remember that another future IS possible. Light may be the opposite side from darkness. But the Light is the more powerful. When you light a match in the darkness, it dispels the darkness and brings hope. Be the Light in your world. Let the Light within you shine in your actions in the world. We’re in this together.

1000 years of peace, anyone?