Mapfre stadium

Joe Motil, former Columbus City Council candidate and longtime community advocate who is now circulating petitions to run for Mayor in the 2023 May primary election states,” I have been publicly outspoken about wasting city tax dollars to purchase or lease state property.  The development of this so called “sports complex” at the Mapfre site was an especially glaring example of such waste. My view is that the city needs to shelf this project and use these tax dollars on affordable housing, sidewalks and street lighting or drug treatment facilities. There are more important economic and social needs facing the citizens of Columbus today where these tax dollars could be better spent.”   

Motil continues, “Mayor Ginther’s talk about the project serving 200,000  nearby residents and in particular those from the Linden area was nothing more than Ginther doing the cheerleading and bidding for Alex Fischer and Columbus Partnership lobbyist Michael Coleman. Even community leaders from Linden did not see a need for it. This entire deal was struck behind closed doors without any public involvement.   Ginther falsely called this deal, “One of the most successful private-public partnerships in America.” More like, “This is the Columbus Way.”     

Motil concludes, “ The relocation of this so called -Sports Park- closer to suburban Westerville, was never intended to benefit urban Columbus residents in the first place, is a last-ditch effort of the mayor to save face and to satisfy the desires of the Crew ownership, the Columbus Partnership, and their high paid lobbyist Michael Coleman. The amount of time and city tax dollars spent trying to put this unachievable boondoggle together by the mayor confirms his ignorance of the city, lack of leadership, and inability to stand on his own two feet.”