People outside with Smash Racism sign

March Against Fascism and Police Murder

Saturday, July 18, 11:30am-6pm, beginning at the intersection of E. Long St. and N. Garfield Ave. [near the Lincoln Theatre, 769 E. Long St.]

This event will be a march and demonstration Against fascists and so-called “Patriots.”

The march will begin at the intersection of E. Long St. and N. Garfield Ave. and will proceed to the Ohio Statehouse.

Various so-called “Patriot Groups” will be holding a demonstration against “Terrorism” [which is their new code word for Black Lives Matter and Black People in general] from 12noon to 3pm at the Ohio Statehouse.

Indeed, their surprise “mystery speaker” may well be a nazi.

They are openly supporting law enforcement in their efforts to continue the constant murder of black people.

These groups, with generic names like “Bikers for Trump,” “Stand with America,” and the “Ohio Patriot Action Network,” are fronts for the neo-nazi group Patriot Front. The Patriot Front will be joined at least two more Neo-Nazi groups: The Proud Boys and the American Guard. They will be coming both from Ohio and from out of state by bus to reinforce their tiny membership here.

All three groups have been engaged in violent action against leftist demonstrators in multiple cities over the past several years. All three were present in Charlottesville.

What we have here is armed fascists with police support occupying the place where the State of Ohio makes its laws in order to support and extend racist murder.

This must be opposed and we invite you to join us in doing so.

Remember to bring extra water, wear good shoes, wear masks, bring extra masks. Medics will be present and emergency evacuation will be available.

We expect the police to do everything in their power to support the nazis who are there to support them. Stay Alert. Stay Mobile. Stay Safe.

Readers who wish to do so may use this link to view a flyer that describes [in the language of the organizers of the rally at the Ohio Statehouse] the event that is being protested.

Hosted by Columbus Anti-Racist Action [ARA].