People marching with large banner about climate catastrophe

Ohioans will unite this Saturday, October 08, 2016 at the Statehouse to rally and march for fair trade and against the TPP and other secret trade agreements. This event begins at 1:00 PM. During the rally, a series of speakers will share concerns about the proposed deal.
This rally and march is to bring attention to the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that would expand the same failed “free trade” policies that have already cost millions of jobs across the United States. This trade deal will have significant impacts to our jobs, wages, healthcare, and the environment. Last year President Obama sought, and won, approval from Congress to “fast track” trade deals. That means that he can submit the TPP to Congress and put it up for a vote without any amendments. Congress can approve it as-is, or reject it; those are their only choices.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is about much more than tariffs on exports and imports. Corporate lobbyists have been hard at work for years to rig the deal so that they can send more jobs overseas, taking advantage of low wages in countries like Vietnam and Malaysia. American voters, Democrats and Republicans, know that we’ve been down this road before; big promises about more opportunity and lower prices are made, but in reality we are left with fewer jobs, lower wages, and devastated communities. It’s time to put people before profits. We are asking our legislators to vote NO on the TPP.