Protest march

Date: March 30, 2024

Time: 4PM

Location: Goodale Park - 120 W Goodale St, Columbus, OH

On March 30, 1976, Palestinians rose up in unified protest against the theft of their lands and livelihood and protesting the theft of 21 thousands of dunams of land in the Galilee. The Israeli occupation forces killed 6 Palestinians in response. Since then, March 30 has become known as Land Day. It is commemorated each year to mobilize against further theft of Palestinian land and to reassert the unequivocal right of return for Palestinians to their lands: the source of our livelihoods and our labor. Land Day is also the 6th anniversary of the Great March of Return, a massive march led by Palestinians in Gaza towards the lands from which they were ethnically cleansed, that lay mere kilometers away, but blocked by the colonial fence. Despite the march including elderly and children, and being a peaceful march, the IOF killed 230 Palestinians, and deliberately injured and maimed over 36,000. The popular support for the liberation struggle is embodied in the Great March of Return. This year, Land Day brings even more fervor and commitment to the Palestinian cause as over a million more Palestinians in Gaza have been further displaced to Rafah and many more are facing possible famine and starvation. Join us in taking to the streets once more and shutting it down for Palestine - until there is a lasting ceasefire, an end to the siege on Gaza and a free Palestine from the River to the Sea!