Aimee and Cheryl Shuman at Tikun Olam, Israel photo courtesy
Cheryl Shuman. If you are unsure who she is, that will soon change. In some circles, she is already an icon. Coined the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” Shuman may be one of the most recognized faces in the burgeoning Cannabis industry. And an industry it is. In the report, “The State of Medical Marijuana Markets, 2011,” See Change Strategy estimated that, “A national market for medical marijuana is worth $1.7 billion in 2011 and could reach $8.9 billion in five years.” As an architect of this industry, Shuman began with a subject she knew well: the media. A master at media relations, Shuman has built the largest Cannabis media source in the world, producing content for such outlets as CNN Piers Morgan Live, Katie Couric's show, Katie, The View, Good Morning America, Fox Business News and many other international media outlets, taking them from $150,000 in gross revenues when she started to more than $6.5 million in revenue within a mere 18 months. Cheryl and her daughter Aimee have set ratings records by reaching over 100 million mainstream viewers. Most recently – on Friday, September 27, 2013 – the popular daytime medical show, The Doctors, aired a segment entitled “Cannabis Clubs for Moms” that featured a dinner party of Cannabis infused foods that Shuman staged for friends at her Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. Two days earlier, she spoke on the subject of “marketing to moms” at the Advertising Week 2013 conference, asserting that, “Cannabis is going to be a legal multibillion dollar business by 2016. The toothpaste is out of the tube.” Two weeks before that, Cheryl and Aimee flew to Israel to observe firsthand the country’s state of the art, internationally recognized medical marijuana program – Cheryl made the cover of Israel’s top read news publication. Like Shuman, Martha Stewart is a savvy business woman and media mogul. She has made millions via various enterprises and is a well-known television face. Checking out the bill of fare served at the dinner party on “The Doctors,” there is a creative cook and baker in both. Both also started early in life down the path to success from the spring board of the media. While Martha was featured in television commercials, Cheryl was featured on television shows. Shuman's first big chance to shine came at age 17 when she created a coupon refunding system that turned her into an overnight sensation. The Bob Braun Show on WLWT-TV in Cincinnati offered her twice weekly appearances, and Group W Productions followed with national thrice-weekly segments on its #1 rated syndicated show, “PM Magazine.” She began with Columbus’ NBC affiliate, WCMH TV 4, before going national. Stewart appears to be no a stranger to marijuana. During a recent appearance to promote her new book, she quipped that she “of course” knows how to roll a joint. She also broadcast a show "entirely dedicated to the world of pot" and joked with hip hop artist Snoop Dog about infused brownie baking. But unlike her counterpart, Martha, Shuman’s Cannabis use has a cause and a purpose. In 2006, she was diagnosed with cancer. After years of unsuccessful surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, along with the “zombie-like” side effects of the pharmaceuticals she was prescribed for pain, she opted for endocannabanoid medicine as an alternative and used the raw juice and oils from the medical Cannabis plant to save her life. In so doing, the plant changed her life and dedicated her to its cause. As she declared after the Advertising Week panel, “I feel like I'm living in a dream right now. I really hope that I'm making all of you proud of the work we are doing.” As you see, her work has been substantial. And proud we are, Cheryl. We hope Martha Stewart is, too. =-=-=-=-= The Ohio Rights Group is delighted to announce that the famed Cheryl Shuman will be returning to her home state of Ohio to help pass the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment. During the “Cheryl Shuman – Coming Home to Ohio” tour, she will be visiting five Ohio cities – Toledo, Cincinnati, Columbus, Oberlin and Cleveland – to attend events, engage the media and spread the message of medical Cannabis reform to all corners of the state. The tour schedule is below. Attend an event near you! Cheryl Shuman – Coming Home to Ohio Tour 2013 Dates & Events Thu Oct 10, 2013 - Detroit The Truth and Consequences of Marijuana and Youth with Kevin Sabet Press Conference - Sabet Rebuttal Cannabis Counsel - Wine and Cheese Fundraiser Fri Oct 11, 2013 - Toledo Medical Panel/Symposium at the University of Toledo Freedom Harvest Jam Sat Oct 12, 2013 - Toledo Private Meeting & Photo OP with ORG Ohio Medical Marijuana Expo Sun Oct 13, 2013 - Cincinnati Group photos with Marijuana Moms Cheryl Shuman Cannabis Rally on Fountain Square Post Event Radio Interview Mon Oct 14, 2013 - Cincinnati Public Reception at Arnolds Tue Oct 15, 2013 - Columbus OSU Alumni Lunch at Ohio State with OSU ORG Media Event Wed Oct 16, 2013 - Columbus Tour of Apeks Supercritical in Johnstown Level Fundraiser Thu Oct 17, 2013 - Oberlin Meeting with Farmers Medical Marijuana in Ohio? – Oberlin College Oberlin Inn Reception and Dinner Fri Oct 18, 2013 - Cleveland WEWS Interview with Lee Jordan Meeting with Farmers Sat Oct 19, 2013 - Cleveland A Night Out with Cheryl Shuman - Negative Space Gallery & Studio