Police on bikes

Photo by Paul Becker

Joe Motil, a former City Council candidate and outspoken critic of the Columbus Police Department states that, “  It really should  come as no surprise that Black America and others who have lost all faith and hope with how police officers continue to avoid being properly prosecuted,  have begun displaying their built up anger with combative  protesting.”

Motil states that,” Here in Columbus and other cities across the country, the media’s attention is once again centered on the actions of protesters and not where it should be.  The media should be questioning city leaders and police chiefs about what they are doing to ensure that rogue police officers shall be properly prosecuted and justice to Black victims and their loved ones will be served.”

In an interview with WSYX TV this morning, Mayor Ginther stated, "I think our officers acted very professionally. There was a lot of taunting and things thrown at them. And I think our officers showed a great deal of restraint at times putting themselves at a great deal of risk. We need to encourage the community to peacefully protest, to voice their concerns to hold the government, and authorities accountable to address racism and discrimination [in a] productive and positive way.”

Motil claims that, “Ginther has held office as a Columbus City Council member (2007-2015, President of Council from 2011-2015) and Mayor (2016-present) for 13 years and still remains dumbfounded and neglectful in addressing the impacts of racism within the CPD. His words of the government and authorities being held accountable has never transpired.”  Ginther stated in his 2020 State of the City address that “we will explore the impacts of racism on health equity. We know that crime, infant mortality and poverty often comes from racial disparity.”  

Motil says, “So instead of praising armed police officers who are dressed in riot gear and talking about how they put themselves at risk, why isn’t Ginther addressing the issue at hand: the issue of racism and lack of disciplinary action within the Columbus Police Department, and the impact it is having on the health of our Black community. Blacks are fearful of police officers for just being black. The protesting of police violence in Columbus has been going on for years. And Ginther has never listened to the cries of  protesters during his 13 years in office. So, what’s it going to take for change to happen? More vandalism? More black deaths at the hands of the CPD and law enforcement? Or empty words of assurances from Mayor Ginther, Chief Quinlan and other elected officials?