Greyhound bus

WSYX ABC 6 broke a story today claiming “Court docs accuse Columbus mayor of pressuring judge to shutdown Greyhound Barons bus terminal.”

Ginther and his administration believe they are outside of the law and permitted to influence judges as they please. This is just one more proven example of corruption that runs rampant at City Hall and why I campaigned to create an Office of Anti-Corruption if elected.

The news of this phone conversation between Judge Mingo and Ginther took place on October 11th during my mayoral election. How was this kept quiet for so long? And during this time, Ginther and his campaign were spreading contemptible dishonest lies on TV, social media and mailers about me. When in fact, Ginther was the one violating the law and trust of the citizens of Columbus.   

Now, who is going to investigate Ginther’s illegal attempt to influence a judge’s decision on a case that city of Columbus is the Plaintiff in? According to the City Charter “The mayor may without notice cause the affairs of any department or the conduct of any officer or employee to be examined.” Will Ginther’s Ethics Office respond? Will Columbus City Council do the right thing and ask for an investigation or that Ginther be reprimanded? Highly unlikely on both counts.

Is it even worth filing a complaint with the Ohio Ethics Commission (OEC) seeing that it has been two years since I filed my complaint with the OEC regarding Public Service Directors Jennifer Gallagher’s wrongdoing with the Little Turtle Roadway project, and the complaint is still pending? Or will this violation of the law be handled “The Columbus Way” without any repercussions?

*see attached court documents