Ad about Medicare for All

Thanks to the participants of the car caravan through the streets of Columbus on Saturday, 11-6-2021, sponsored by National Nurses United and partnered with SPAN Ohio. The purpose was to echo the ad in the Dispatch on Friday and Saturday, to ask our Congressional House Representative, Joyce Beatty, to sign on as a co-sponsor of Medicare for All, HR 1976. We were surprised early this year that her name was not on the cosponsor list, because she was an original cosponsor in 2019, and is a member of the Medicare for All caucus in the House.

Medicare for All is now main stream, desired by a majority of people, both Democrats and Republicans. The reason is too many people have been devastated by medical bills, from hospitals and meds, out of network nonsense, and pre-authorization refusals on the part of health insurers. With administrative medical costs now at 36% of medical revenue, people are realizing we have a health care payment system that is just plain "wacko." People who are poor experience a disparity of life expectancy of 25 years; maternal death rates and infant mortality that are 3 times the rate of more affluent people.

With Medicare for All, we would join the 1st world nations which have unified and affordable health care, creating a wellness system, in which no one is bankrupted by illness.

Please, Congresswoman Beatty. Sign on as a Cosponsor of Medicare for All, HR 1976.

Bob Krasen, SPAN Ohio Columbus Area Coordinator
566 Blenheim Rd Columbus Ohio 43214
(614) 261-0754