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Carolyn Harding and Robert Kennedy

I work with the grassroots ballot initiative campaign, The Columbus Community Bill of Rights

We’re working to get 8,000 Columbus voter signatures before June 26, 2018 to put this City Ordinance on the November ballot, to stop toxic, radioactive Frack Waste Injection wells in the Columbus Watershed. This is Big!

When I read that one of my heroes, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was coming to Northern Ohio to support former Congressman, Dennis Kucinich’s run for Governor, I decided to take a road trip. 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. started the Waterkeeper Alliance,, an international collective of local residents working to protect their Water:  lakes, rivers, oceans, watersheds.  Read his bio on Wikipedia:

Steve and I drove from Columbus to a stately Lakewood home overlooking Cleveland’s harbor.  We met our friends there. Suneetha had pulled her daughter from school, since Bindu was working on a paper about clean water availability, to meet the two iconic water keepers. 

The Lake Erie entourage arrived after stops in Toledo, Marble Head, and Sandusky.  Lake Erie’s toxic blue green algae problem is bad and getting worse.  Most businesses and residents along the lake are worried and hoping for answers.  Mr. Kucinich introduced his friend “Bobby”, and then Mr. Kennedy spoke about the impact of Industrial factory farms, in particular Hog CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) moving into NW Ohio and how large quantities of fecal run-off into the Maumee River basin can impact Water Systems, Lake Erie in particular.  

His voice was tired, yet he was wide awake and unabashedly clear in his endorsement of  Dennis Kucinich’s life-long environmental commitment and stewardship; his vision and platform to protect Ohio’s Water.  Coming from Kennedy, this was Big.

We got to talk with them, including Tara Samples, his Lieutenant Governor running mate.  And we got some good pics!

Driving home, I shared with Steve, “With his intelligence, money, and family name, he could have done almost anything, yet he chose to work to protect our Water, Air and Soil.  That’s Big.”

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Robert Kennedy, endorsing Dennis Kucinich and Tara Samples for Governor and Lt. Governor of Ohio