The recycling center

What: Meijer has officially opened its garden centers across the Columbus area, offering a bounty of blooms, greenery, landscaping supplies, various tools and more to welcome customers into the spring season.

When purchasing garden items, plastic trays are often used to hold them and unfortunately, not disposed properly. That’s why Meijer offers customers a free service to return them safely and conveniently at any of its garden centers.

Meijer began collecting the plastic gardening containers – which primarily come from its three suppliers of annuals, like geraniums or petunias – in 2014 and has since contributed to the recycling of approximately 2,100 tons of plastic.

When: Meijer garden centers are open all season long. Check your local store for hours.

Where: At all Meijer garden center locations, customers can easily spot the recycling carts where they can place their trays and pots.