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In Columbus, like any other city in America, we have been caught up with the constant unleashed rhetoric of thoughts that are beyond unbelief, from President Donald Trump. With his public endorsement of the KKK and hate groups of America, while denouncing terrorism in the same speech, people – rational thinking people – are more confused then ever with how this man became President of the United States.

Now with the threat of racism returning to its historic place in America, the home of the free who are white, minorities and people who are not racist are in a state of indecisiveness regarding who can be trusted and who is wearing the mask. What is the real reason that we, the American people, were ignored in the public vote, and forced to become prisoners of a reality show that can be found on Twitter. Surely the powers that be that decide the electoral votes had a plan when they went against the majority vote of the peoples’ choice. Surely.

Well, as the old folks would say, “there’s more than one way…” In this case, I would say that there’s more than one way to get back into a war that will keep the military contracts solvent, keep a thumb on other countries to prove that we have all the power to “save” them from themselves, to ensure that there will always be disposable American bodies who are willing and available to carry out the plans of a few who are power hungry and have the need to control through fear.

There’s more than one way… to keep “them” in their place. To ensure that funding for education, housing, medical insurance and financial stability remains a luxury for the privileged few. 
How does one go about this task? By repealing anything and everything that was put in place by a Black man. After all, how would it look in the American history records if future children of the supreme white race had to read that a Black man was responsible for providing affordable (yes, I know “affordable” is questionable) medical care for people who were the victims of being uninsured due to “existing conditions” and lack of money. After all, there must be a distinction between the quality of medical care given to the masses versus the few.

There’s more than one way… to reverse the many years of progress for the African American in America. Who needs Affirmative Action anymore? 
There’s more than one way… to get rid of people that are in this country illegally. Who cares if they were brought here as children and lived here and raised a family here of legal citizens?

There’s more than one way… to bring back the burning crosses, the lynchings and the hatred of another race of people. Who cares if it takes us back to a time of terror and fear for precious children who must live in a world of adults who hate each other and then teach their children to hate each other.

There’s more than one way... and that way, at this time, is in the hands of a person that represents his own agenda.  But make no mistake, the reason that he can succeed in his plans is because he has been chosen to do so by the people who put him in power because they too know that there’s more than one way to get the dirty job done, and done quickly with the least amount of blood on their hands.

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