Anti-Trump protest with Trump is racist sign

The November 2016 election of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, has enticed people to protest, march in the streets, insult and physically attack both Trump and Hillary supporters and some have even demanded a recount of votes in three states.

Now that the year 2016 is ending, Americans, black and white, male and female, old and young, educated and uneducated, rich and poor are all wondering what the new year will bring under the political leadership of Trump. 

Women are wondering what it means for them now in the work place. After hearing the remarks made by Trump in regards to men with power being able to “grab” women in their private parts. They fear that they will now have to deal with an increase of unwanted, unwarranted sexual abuse on the job.  Is the glass ceiling going to be lowered even more for the working woman?

Illegal immigrants are wondering how much time they may have left in America before Trump puts up the “wall” and sends them back over the border. Their American children and employers who use them for cheap labor are wondering the same thing. Muslims are wondering how they can avoid the increase in racial threats and violence towards them and their families because of the call made by Trump to “bar Muslims from entering the United States.” If he can “bar” them from entering legally, maybe he can “bar” them from living in America and possibly send them “back home.”

African-Americans are where they always have been, which is still being discriminated against, killed by policemen, hated by white supremacy and mostly unemployed. They do have some hope, those who voted for Trump, that if he puts up the “wall” that they will be able to once again claim the jobs that they no longer can get due to illegal immigrants “taking” them.  Although their not “taking” them, the employers are hiring them to save money.

People with disabilities are wondering if the services that they receive will continue and if they will be respected by the new president or will they be mocked and made fun of and once again ignored in a society that doesn’t believe that they are capable of being self-sufficient.

Not everyone is in fear of the new president. In fact, there are many people, who fit the descriptions above, who welcome the new administration. Many of them have the same beliefs that Trump has and feel that Trump will make America “Great again.” No one is very clear with just what exactly “great again” means, but one would assume that it means the rich get richer and the poor stay poorer. 

It could mean that the only people who live in America are Americans, born and raised here in the USA. It could mean that once again the Black man “stays in his place” which is far behind the white person. It could mean that women belong in the home and not in the work place.  Possibly that those born with mental or physical disabilities should be hidden and placed in institutions instead of living in their homes and being seen in society.

The point that is very clear is that America is in for a drastic change and whether it’s going to be good or bad for the citizens who live here is the new question of the day. One thing is for certain, there’s a new sheriff in town and there will be new rules and changes. So no matter who you may have voted for, no matter who you like or dislike, it’s going to be another eight years of political hell for those of us who are concerned about the matter. There is a new face of fear in America and its name is uncertainty.



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