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Minority Threat


I want to write more about music and less about politics. While responses to our current regime is dominating everything, unless some Republican's switch sides... is there anything you want me to write that would tell you something you don't know heading into 2020.

Research the names, history and roles of major intelligence agencies. We know the CIA is the United States Intelligence agency. The Russian GRU is the name that applies to which was once the KGB. What about our neighbors Canada, and Mexico? Seems like China's intelligence agency would probably be part of the conversation. A better understanding of how the world is intertwined might help us understand the reality we live as we watch our internet and cable news.

Keep an open mind towards Andrew Ginther's search for a new police chief. Ginther implemented body cameras. Ginther formed a Community Safety Advisory Commission. (Not to be confused with the Summer Safety initiative that activists and voters convinced the Mayor to halt). The Community Safety Advisory Commission's intent is to work for police deescalation, crisis intervention, implicit bias training, diversity recruitment/retention, early intervention, and officer wellness programs. If Ginther finds the correct Chief maybe Columbus could become a model city for improvements in regards of police community relations? Could Richard Cordray assert his relationship with the Police Unions to facilitate the conversation in a constructive manner? I know things are probably complicated ,still it doesn't hurt to mention this here. Officer Wellness is part of the Safety Commission's goals.

My personal reform shall improve my dancing skills dance by watching videos at DJ Detox's Hot Box Party at the Oracle. I once learned the Humpty Dance so I predict imitating music videos that the Columbus Deejay blends shall make me a charismatic lothario.

Doubt that I'm selling weapons to the Kurds in Syria. I'm not a military contractor or the President's son in law. Jared Kushner already sold 100 billion dollars worth to Saudi Arabia. Even if the Kurds are the United States of America's allies in Syria. Thank you, Amy Goodman.


Soul Position shall release a new album in 2019.

Minority Threat shall become the most important hardcore band in the State of Ohio. Their newest release, coincidently titled Minority Threat, starts with what sounds like Angela Davis voicing a paraphrase of Ephesians 6:12 speaking about social class inequalities. There is a three second transition that sounds like someone chopped a brutal metal sequence in half before reverting to a simple bludgeoning overpowering hard core assault. The third song coincidentally named Minority Threat starts with a vocal sample of a woman talking about basic human rights then Minority Threat assails for about a minute. The purity of furious sounds continues for a couple more songs to the end. The EP finished with a song called “Clenched Fist” which contains a Malcolm X excerpt. The effectiveness of Minority Threat lays within the efficiency of rebellions in sound and content. While the Ohio band doesn't sound like Minor Threat, perfectly executed hardcore mixed with vocalizing the most essential values by the most revered and this band allows the strength of Minority Threat's name to be instantly valid. Minority Threat are why the 13-year-old you decided to skateboard. The feel of Minority Threat are why teenagers still wear the Public Enemy logo with their Off Whites and Supremes.

Pierogi Mountain shall open a second location at 739 S. Third Street in German Village. This isn't really a prediction because the vegan friendly eatery announced this via the internets. Guy Fieri's Food Network coverage of their Cafe Bourbon Street address probably was beneficial.

Our government will remain quiet regarding the recent uprisings in Sudan. Russia and Sudan's current President Omar Bashin are chummy.

Beto O'Rouke's response to migrants and Trump's border wall conflict shall give us a glimpse of the both national viability of O'Rourke and the direction Texas is heading.

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