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Our first volume of the Ohio Migration Anthology, “Far From Their Eyes,” was a huge success! Check out some of our media coverage and pick up your copy here.

Last year the Columbus Free Press republished a chapter from the first volume of the incredible and harrowing survivor tale of Bol Aweng, who now lives in Hilliard. Aweng, an artist among other talents, is one of the “Lost Boys of the Sudan.”

The Ohio Immigrant Alliance is publishing Volume 2 in 2023. Learn more in our FAQs below and submit your contributions for consideration here

The deadline for submission is January 2, 2023. This is a competitive selection process, so read the guidance below to have the best chance of being chosen for Ohio Migration Anthology, Volume 2.

“What comes out of reading about these experiences?” wrote Marina Manoukian in a book review of the first volume for The Arts Fuse. “What comes out of knowing about the different things people endure on their way from being in one place to another?  To read about the movement of others isn’t about preparing for the inevitable – it’s about finding the intersections that inevitably remake us all.”

What is the Ohio Immigrant Alliance?

The Ohio Immigrant Alliance, or OHIA, is non-profit organization that works with immigrants, allies, and pro-immigrant leaders and organizations to expand our voices and make Ohio a more welcoming place for people of all backgrounds. Read more about us at

What is this anthology about?

The Ohio Migration Anthology is about the experiences of migrants (whether foreign born or U.S. born) who have made Ohio their home. That does not mean it is about immigration policy alone. It is about the passions, fears, experiences, and goals of migrants in any aspect of their lives. The common thread is that the authors/artists are connected to the migration experience and Ohio in an intimate way.   

The first volume, “Far From Their Eyes,” was published in 2021 (read about it here). We are now working on Volume 2. 

What are the goals of the anthology?

Creating a platform for migrants and refugees to communicate something important to them to the broader community. Demonstrating our shared humanity. Helping people who have never migrated understand that migration is a basic human act and is rooted in love.

Who should submit something? 

We are looking for submissions from immigrants, refugees, children of immigrants and refugees, BIPOC, and individuals who have a unique insight into the structures and support systems that interact with migrants and/or perpetuate racism. Black Americans and people with indigenous roots are encouraged to submit work. 

What can I submit?

We are open to all types of content, including poetry, essay, interview, short story, music, song lyrics, script, short film, textile, or any other form of visual, written, or performing art. 

Based on the limitations of print publishing, some audio-visual artwork may be referenced via description and QR code alone. If technology permits, they will be directly linked in the e-book format.

You must own the copyright to the work you submit. If it has been published previously, please contact us at admin AT and we will work with you to confirm or obtain permission. 

What should be my submission be about?

Your submission can be about migration or movement, but it does not have to be. We want you to feel able to express yourselves as a fully rounded person, so the sky is (practically) the limit. 

When is the deadline?

Submissions are due January 2, 2023, for consideration in Volume 2. 

Will every submission be included in the final publication?

We will select items for publication based on a balance of diversity in topics, countries of origin, age, race, gender and gender expression, other experiences, and format/genre. 

Each person who submits work must also commit to promoting the book through their networks, securing book reviews, participating in media promotion, and facilitating sales by organizing events and/or working with local bookstores to stock the anthology.

Submissions not selected for this volume remain eligible for inclusion in future ones.

I was published in Volume One. Can I submit something for Volume Two?

Our goal is to feature new voices in each volume. But if you have something to submit and were already published in our previous volume, please do. Priority will be given to creators who we have not yet published. 

I want to be involved, but I am not an artist or writer.

Publishing this anthology takes a village. Other available roles include:

Project management 

Submission tracking

Editing and proofreading

Web design

Book cover design

Book formatting

Graphics for promotion

Publicity materials

Creating study/book club guide

Media relations 

Sales management

Event management 



Sign up for any of these roles here; contact admin AT for more information. 

When will this be published?

We will publish this anthology in 2023. We plan to publish it through Anacaona, a communications company owned by Lynn Tramonte, but are open to working with a publishing house.

Will I get paid?

All expenses related to publication will be paid off first. If the anthology can be monetized, profits will be divided among editors, designers/other key collaborators, and authors/artists. We cannot guarantee any income at this stage, but if the book is able to make money, profits will be shared fairly. 

Do I have to use my real name?

You may publish under a pen name/alias. 

What if I need help?

Editors are available to help you. Do you need help brainstorming topics? Do you need a ghostwriter (someone to interview you and help get your story down on paper)? If you prefer to write your original piece in a language other than English, do you need a translator? If so, contact admin AT

I’m in! What do I do now?

That’s great! Submit your work by filling out this form no later than January 2, 2023. You may submit up to three pieces. Contact admin at with any questions!