Photo fo Vince Staples

Vince Staples is one of hip hop's brightest stars. Alright?

I mean that in both the sonic vision he took with NO ID on his latest album, “Summertime 2006.”

NO ID is the Chi-Town producer who played a huge roll developing of the careers of Common, Kanye West, and has risen to become the VP of Def Jam Records.

Even if the NO ID produced  Jay-Z song “Death Of Auto-Tune” didn't exactly end Autotune.

(See TLOP or Future.) The anthem is a banger.

Vince Staples' Summertime 2006 was released on NO ID's Artium Def Jam imprint and Blacksmith (owned by Talib Kweli & Corey Smith.)

It's not only that Staples is making phenomenal records with NO ID.

I'm also saying his interviews are usually insightful like his music.

However this is going to be the worst Vince Staples interview you will ever read because we had to reschedule due to my error.

Well a family member of mine was sick....but excuses are useless.

Vince Staples can't ask you to read his lyrics off your phone while the beat plays at his concert and then say, “my nephew has the mumps.”

So a phoner went to email and the conversation didn't develop like it could've.

Or did it?

Vince is playing the A& R Bar here in Columbus, Ohio on March 9th.

In rap music, March 9th is known as the day Bad Boy Recording artist Notorious B.I.G was killed. March 9th is often referred to as “the day the greatest rapper died.” riffing off the line on Cannabis' “Second Round K.O.”

I asked Staples a seemingly boring but contextual question, “Who do you consider to be the greatest rapper of all time?”

Staples is not only on Blacksmith Recordings. Staples raps so he is a wordsmith as the Long Beach Rapper pointed out.

“Time isn't over yet.”

Vince is pretty good at the theory of relativity so when I asked if  “the greatest rapper question” should even exist, he responded.

“No, there's too much music coming out. And too many people being born to speak on that. I think the term should be the greatest rapper so far.”

Staples recently toured with Tyler, The Creator, Danny Brown and Asap Rocky who are obviously the guys.

Staples is revered because he can detail both the political, nihilist, humorous, personal in a cool, technical but easily understood way.

When Staples said on Earl Sweatshirt's song “Hive,”  “94 would've had Em walking down Death Row.” one could see Staples coming in after Snoop, and RBX on a song.

(IMO this was a Winter Wars moment for Staples.)

However despite being the man, Staples often hints at retiring in interviews so what does the critically acclaimed emcee aspire to be the greatest at?

“I want to be the greatest person I possibly can and I aspire to be a top chef.”

he said. Maybe his friend Bronson can help with the culinary arts.

Staples is charismatic on camera.

In a late October video interview with, Staples was wearing a Metallica “Master of Puppets” T-shirt in the intro photo, remarked the 90's aren't super relevant to his life. He pointed out that he was born in 1995.

That interview got the internet in a frenzy. Staples engaged in some twitter conversation with NORE and Lord Jamar.

In that interview, Vince Staples said as a teen he was a fan of Bow Wow as well as 50 Cent and Kanye.

Bow Wow was born in Columbus, Ohio on March 9th.

Obviously, Snoop Dog discovered the Columbus native when he was 6.

So there is your Long Beach overlap.

It's not surprising that when I asked Staples what his favorite Non-Kanye/Jay-z No ID track was.

He answered. Bow Wow's 2005 hit featuring Omarion, “Let Me Hold You.”

Bow Wow recently announced that he will be hosting Late Night Talk Show that will be similar to the Arsenio Hall show on the heels of signing to Bad Boy Records.

I asked Staples if he knew about the Columbus native getting a TV Show when he gave Bow Wow props.

Staples replied, “No, I don't watch much TV.”

As far as people getting mad at Staples...

Let's ignore that Staples' Metallica T-Shirt is from an album released in 1986. Or that he wore a Suicidal Tendencies Shirt in his “Lift Me Up” video. Staples has recorded with Common, Dilated Peoples and Ghostface, NO ID and countless other 90's legends because he can rap well.

When I asked why no one seemed to think about this when getting mad at him. Staples replied, “I'm not surprised because people don't know who I know.”

Vince Staples will perform at the A & R Music Bar Wednesday, March 9th. Tickets are $16. Doors @ 7:30pm.



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