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Medical cannabis laws were signed into effect in June of 2016 and Ohio has been working on the rules, regulations and guidelines since. The Ohio State Medical Association has approved Extra Step Assurance’s division, Cannabis Expertise, as an approved training provider for all medical professionals in the State of Ohio. Extra Step Assurance is an Ohio based company having offices in Bellefontaine Ohio and Farmingdale New Jersey. All doctors looking to recommend medical marijuana in the state must have the state approved two-hour training and education beforehand.

Urbana resident Parker Lawrence, President of Extra Step Assurance stated “When we got into the medical cannabis industry three years ago, we saw a large void of information, education and compliance in the industry. Instead of going after a dispensary or grow operation we wanted to help support these types of businesses, to bring the suit and tie aspect into an industry that has long been tie dye and peace signs. Our company is a nationwide provider of continuing medical education credits focused on cannabis for physicians, pharmacists, nurses and advanced practical nurses. We understand the value of education, we have partnered with the top expert physicians in the United States and internationally that have been practicing Medical Cannabis in their practices to train the new physicians recommending cannabis. From what we have found training Health Care Providers they have little knowledge in Cannabis Medicine as the Health Care Providers did not have to learn these topics in standard medical school.”

Cannabis Expertise is the first organization that has been approved to provide the critical required medical cannabis training per the standards developed by the Ohio State Medical Association. Lawrence said, “To have a successful program in Ohio we have to get Health Care Providers educated. Without their participation the program will fail in the beginning stages. Think of it as building a house. You have selected the roof that will protect your family and contents.” 

“You have windows that are beautiful and functional. But there is no foundation. Well, the physicians are the foundation of any medical cannabis program. Without their presence and support, there is no ability to build the program.”
Cannabis Expertise is also an approved Pennsylvania Department of Health Medical Cannabis Educator where the state requires 4 hours of training. Lawrence detailed, “They are seeing great success of training Health Care Providers in Pennsylvania, in 2017 we certified over 50% of the doctors able to recommend cannabis in that state.”

Looking at Ohio, Cannabis Expertise is actively scheduling the approved two-hour training events eyeing dates in 2018. Cannabis Expertise does live on-site trainings and also utilizes technology to the fullest allowing live webinars during the live events. These webinars are certified to get the same credit as if you were sitting in a meeting room, but can take the webinar in the comfort of your home or office. Physicians have found that the live webinar is next best thing to being there since they can submit questions and receive real-time answers during the event. 

Ohio requires two hours of continuing education, but does not limit a physician to that. Lawrence stated, “We are seeing many physicians seeking out more education than the state currently requires.  That is why our company also provides 2 ½ day (18 CME credits) medical cannabis symposiums across the country. Our last event was in Baltimore, Maryland and we are currently booking 2018 dates.”

Cannabis Expertise stated that their education model is you come to the event, you listen, you learn, you ask questions and network with others. Questions are asked in real time to the Expert Physician speakers for the event, all who have real life experience in the Cannabis Industry. No question goes unanswered. After the Health Care Provider goes through the event they walk away with their credits, there is no extra course work, tests, or time spent to get their credits.

If health care providers want to talk directly to the Cannabis Education team, they can be reached at 855-844-4368. There is also a list of all Cannabis Expertise continuing education events available on their website at

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