Students holding signs


Today, students representing 10+ universities held a mock funeral for Ohio higher education in the face of continued efforts to pass SB83, best known as the Higher Education Destruction Act, bringing attention to how this dangerous legislation would cripple our education system and harm students. 

Overwhelmingly, Ohio students have come out against SB83 and its companion bill HB151. If made into law, it would transform our higher education system for the worse, making it more costly, more restrictive, and less supportive for students. It attacks DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) programs that help support underrepresented populations and would stifle academic freedom. An Ohio where SB83 becomes law is one where faculty must teach ‘both sides’ of climate change and universities can not do something as simple as take a stance on concepts as broad as “diversity” or “sustainability.”

The Ohio Student Association is a statewide grassroots organization anchored by student-led chapters on college campuses across Ohio that organize issue campaigns to fight for racial, economic, and educational justice.

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