Trump in tux at party

Dear Working Class Trump Supporters,

I suppose it is time to enlighten you as to your demi-God, Donald Trump. I guess I have to be the one to do it.

I hate to tell you this, but you have fallen for the biggest con artist since someone (apparently not PT Barnum although he has been accused off saying it) said “There is a sucker born every minute.” That someone could well have been your hero Trump in a past life.

You have fallen for one of the greatest flim-flam men of our time. He went from being a class C actor on Saturday Night Live and the Apprentice to being a class B actor as a so-called President in that he has hornswaggled so many of you. He has to be a genius; not at being a President but at pulling the wool over so many Americans' eyes.

Do you really think he wants to rub elbows with you? No, he wants to rub you into being the rubes you must be to be his loyal followers. Look at his track records- he got to where he is by playing to the rich and famous- his type of people. That MAGA hat he invented- do you think he would be caught dead wearing something so proletariat as a baseball cap to a high-class Manhattan party? He would have been laughed off the island. That cap didn't appear until he realized what a great tool it would be to convince the unwashed masses (as he would really see you as being) to convince you that he is really your good buddy and to save you from the economic plight that he helped create.

What would happen if you were to walk up to one of his mansions and knock on the door? Do you think The Donald would come to the door and give you a big smile and a hug and invite you in to dine with the family? No, you wouldn't even make it in the gate. If somehow you miraculously did you would be asked to go around back to the servant's entrance. He can't be sullying up his property with 'losers' now, can he?

If you were renting an apartment in a building that he bought to convert it into condominiums for the well-heeled guess what would happen? To drive you and your family out he would stop maintaining the building, tell the doorman not to open the door for you, cut down the garbage pickup and have construction going on during the day and early evening to drive you batty. This is what he has often done with his New York properties.

Do you really think he would have any respect or even regard for you? If you would try to walk up to him on the street before he was running for Presi-don't he would have said he didn't have have time for you and try to get away from you or get insulting. Now that he is Czar he would have his body guards on you like hungered dogs before you ever got too close. And he wouldn't mind if you got roughed up a bit for daring to sully His Godliness.

And as for being a good Christian – he has committed every sin outside of killing someone and done it consciously and joyously. If he had been around in the time of Moses the bearded one would have smashed the Ten Commandments over his head.

Think before you want this man to be your 'President' again.

 - - - - - - - - -

Thanks, Roger Freed