I had the edgiest/funniest Waka Flocka interview planned. I had interviewed Waka twice before, and also had reviewed his shows back when the Atlanta rap star was playing the Underground Club circuit. The rapport was there.

I had read various interviews where Waka and his Brick Squad Monopoly camp would invite writers to party with them before shows during interviews. Basically, a member of Brick Squad opens a bottle and then tells the writer to help him kill the bottle. After proving his ability to drink, and bonding Wake shows up and hangs out for an interview.

The Park Street venue location of the Columbus show reflected Waka’s market expansion into the EDM circuit from working with Steve Aoki, and Flosstradamus

So I was preparing for a party sort of encounter.

Sunday night I was home messing around on the net. I happened to click on an internet link that brought me to the latest episode of the critically acclaimed documentary series “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta” on VH1.

During this episode Benzino opened a bar and there was a lady fight between two women that Zino had dated. This is not really relevant to the story but I had never watched the show so I figured you might be interested in what the former owner of the Source was doing.

After this melee, there was a touching segment about Waka Flocka Flame’s little brother KayoRedd killing himself during the episodes filming in late December 2013. I am not sure all the causes. There is not possible way I could know what a human being I have never met was going through.

But I could gather that Kayo had been going blind, and also perhaps the pressures of being Waka Flocka Flame’s little brother overwhelmed him.

During this episode Waka, his mother Deb Atney, and Waka’s wife Tammy Riveria were discussing Kayo’s death and how empty the house felt in his absence. The subject was too hard for Waka to deal with so he left the room saying, “This conversation is crazy Debra. Your boy can’t do that.”

Waka has dealt with a lot of death. He had another brother die when he was young.

His friend Jomo Zambia was murdered in November 2011 and then his best friend Slim Dunkin was murdered on December 16, 2011.

I am sure there is a lot more dead friends than I am mentioning. Waka has lived a tumultuous life.

I interviewed Waka two days after Jomo was killed. My own mother died in 2011 so I had an personal empathy for the moment and always suspected Waka somewhat reciprocated the feeling.

Timing is something else. The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” episode about Kayo’s death aired two days before Waka’s June 10th Columbus show.

Waka’s brothers death was heavy on his mind so he was tweeting and instagraming about it.

After Kayo died Debra got into her son’s computer and found some very toxic internet conversations where Kayo was defending himself, Waka and her.

The conversations were taking place very close to the time Kayo had killed himself. People were calling Kayo an albino, and saying various awful things about his family.

If you lump this in with going blind and probably 10 other factors, and

This prompted Debra to start an anti-cyber bullying campaign called “R.I.P. No Reckless Internet Posting.” Waka was sharing this on instagram along with

tweeting how much he missed his brother.

I watched this episode at 4am the night before Waka’s show at Park Street.

The next day I got up and picked my little brother Brent up at my step-sister’s house. After picking him up, I checked in with Waka’s publicist. During our correspondence I had Waka’s little bro on my mind because I was sitting with mine.

He has down syndrome. He loves music of all types. Brent asked for “Flockevelli” for his birthday one year, so I bought him the edited version.

My little brother sometimes goes on interviews with me. Sometimes he asks questions.

He asked Ron House how to start a record label awhile back.

Brent is a really sweet kid. I figured it would excite him to meet Waka.

i decided that it might make Waka feel good to be interviewed by a nice young man that possess a purity

I am not saying Waka was sitting around looking to have a therapy session with some fucking blogger from Ohio. I will modestly just say “I feel you bro.”`

So this is not a funny and edgy interview.

Waka pulls out a bottle.


Waka: How old are you?

Brent: I’m 20.


Waka: Oh you are too young to drink.


Turns to put bottle away.


Brent: I am sorry about your brother.

Waka: Huh?


Brent: I am so sorry about your brother?

Waka: Thanks.


Waka puts arm on Brent.


Brent: What’s your favorite music?

Waka: A rapper named 2pac. He had a record called “Keep Your Head Up.”


Brent: What’s your relationship with Miley Cyrus?

Waka: Turnt Up. What’s my relationship with Miley?


Me: Brent likes Miley’s “23” (A Mike Will Made It song Ft. Miley Cyrus/Wiz/Juicy j)

Waka: Oh, I have known Mike Will since he was 16.


Me: How did you meet Miley?

Waka: Through Mike.


Brent: What is your favorite cover of your cd?

Waka: My favorite cover? That’s a good one. I’d say “Shoot me or Salute me Volume 4.”


Brent: What’s your label?

Waka: Brick Squad Monopoly.


Brent: What is your favorite tattoo?

Waka: Uh. I have a tattoo on my kneck that says “Dream will come true if you survive hard times.” You feel me?


Brent: What’s your favorite hair color?

Waka: Hair color? Uhhh. Grey. I can’t wait to have grey hair. That is going to look amazing.


Brent: What type of music do you listen to?

Waka: Underground. All genres. I love underground music. It’s more creative. it’s more free spirited.


Brent: What’s your favorite type of hat?

Waka: Atlanta Brave hat. I love that fitted cap. It just matches everything.

You feel like a winner.


Me: Let me get some questions in Brent. What’s going on with “Flockaveli 2?”

Waka: I’m really done to be honest. Instead of dropping it. I choose to go on tour to grow my fanbase. Now, I got even better records on it again. I can’t wait.


Me: Have you also been doing records with Steve Aoki and them?

Waka: I actually have an electronic EDM album with Steve Aoki called “Turn Up God”


Me: Is this going to be on “Flockavelli” 2 or after?

Waka: After. Might be before.


Me: What’s it like rapping of EDM?

Waka: It’s no different. My shows never changed. Just the beat did.

Me: I saw you were peforming in Ibiza?

Waka: Oh god. I still remember throwing up. I threw up maybe 5 or 6 times.



Waka: No. Drunk. I got over excited. I threw up onstage.


Me: Do they speak English over there? Do they know what you are saying?

Waka: You be like, “hey. and they be like jhdijhijfjikfhoewi (Waka imitating a conversation of people speak two different languages) Then the music come on, and you be like : “Touche.”


Me: You have a castle?

Waka: Mansion.


Me: Is that in Barcelona or England?



Me: Why did you decide to buy a house in Barcelona?

Waka: Oh my god. If you ever go to Barcelona. Your life is going to change. The food tastes amazing. People is down to earth. The shopping in beautiful. Everything about is amazing. It’s like California mixed with New York and Jersey.


Me: Is Atlanta still your home?

Waka: Yeah.


Me: You been in Columbus a lot?

Waka: Yeah. I used to live here.


Me: What area?

Waka: Britney Hills.


Me: How long did you live in Columbus for?

Waka: About a year straight?


Me: When was that?

Waka; Back in 04 or 05.


Me: What did you do when you were here?

Waka: Rippin’ and runnin’ the streets.


Me: Is it weird going from Britnany Hills and Club shows of that type to now you are at this bar and it’s an EDM crowd.

Waka: I can remember starting doing shows and me and all my boys had to go in with guns on us to my own concert. To walk into a concert 10,000, 5,000, 20,000.

My favorite shows are the small ones though. To me it’s more intimate. Intense. No, fabricating. Raw Talent.

Me: I saw you posting the R.I.P. stuff on instagram.

Waka: No random internet posting. I’ve read lot of emails about bullying. I used to read emails about bullying. Like. “That’s bullshit. ain’t no one getting bullied.”

I got bullied in 7th grade to be a girl’s boyfriend. Literally got bullied into being a girl’s boyfriend. Literally she punched me in my chest. I thought it was a joke. I’ve been getting a lot of email like “I can’t deal with this. I was to commit suicide. kno what i am sayin? I’ll be like damn.

You see people. We make instagram posts about someone we call ugly or quote unquote. That person has got to live with it. I never looked at it like that.

Someone will send it to me. Like, that’s funny.

You never know if that person you make fun of is like, grieving.


Me: Between the bullying campaign and the PETA thing you seem to champion the weaker. You are a strong guy.

Waka: Even though where I am from is super ghettto. I have never been the type to beat on animals. That’s never been my style. To this day, I can’t even watch them slaughter pigs. I don’t even like it.I probably won’t even eat the food if I see it get killed.