Little pointy-eared creature with big eyes and a toothy smile peeking out from behind a dice

Join in five full days of gaming from June 13-17 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Events include collectible and trading card games, eclectics, live action role-playing, miniatures. tabletop games, and True Dungeon. There will be an Art Expo, costume contest, film festival and live podcast.

You can sign up for games on-site as part of your registration, (or if you pre-register, as a separate action), but you can also purchase any number of generic tokens to use as you wish. Generics come in $2.00 increments, and they match up with the cost of our events. If you see a game you want to play, and there is space available, you can just sit down and join in! You simply give the appropriate number of Generics to the game organizer. You will want to pay particular attention to three pieces of information that each game will have listed: Minimum Age, Experience, and Complexity.

Registration runs from $35-$70. See for more information.