Kevin Failure does much for Columbus Punk and DIY. He fronts Pink Reason and also has a new band called Brass Orchids. Kevin runs a label called Savage Quality which has released albums by American Jobs, Teenage Anal Terrorist and more.

  He books shows at Bourbon Street/Summit. Kevin has played a huge role in developing our cities’ current underground electronic subculture with his Future Maudit event.

  Kevin is now faced with helping his father David De Broux through chemo.

  Kevin described the trip to the hospital where the cancer was discovered.

  “A few months ago he had a fall. He suspected he had broken ribs because he was having trouble breathing.”

  A couple of the benefits will be held in Wisconsin where his father lives and there is one here.

  The Columbus benefit is Thursday, March 5th at Cafe Bourbon Street/The Summit. Pink Reason, Mosses, and Ipps are performing.

  Kevin’s dad is a veteran who was stationed in Germany during the 70’s.

  David’s chemo and radiation treatment is in Milwaukee which is a 250 round trip trek from Green Bay where he lives.

  Kevin said, “His (father’s) doctors have advised him not to work. But he has got to pay bills. Basically he is falling behind on his bills.”

  Kevin is hoping to raise $1500 so his father can fight off eviction, travel to the hospital and cover expenses while undergoing treatment.

  Kevin’s father doesn’t receive sick leave at his job.

  Often times you don’t think about punks having families to care about.

  When I think of Pink Reason, I think of the interesting records the band has made for the past decade that have enabled Kevin to travel to New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Russia and most of Europe.

  The individualistic spirit is a family trait Kevin said,  “When he (Kevin’s father) was 14 years old he ran away from a Boy Scout Jamboree. He just hitchhiked through Europe.”

  Kevin added, “He had a DIY go-get it type of thing.”

  Kevin’s father also facilitated his son’s early house show endeavors by letting bands play in their basement when he was 15.

  “They would have shows in our basement and they were totally cool with it.”

   Kevin was networking with a band called Insurrection from Louisiana, and they helped facilitate tours together in turn of the millennium midwest.

  This was the nurturing of punk seeds planted from a Russian translator who gave Kevin Dead Kennedy records.

  “That’s how I discovered punk in the first place,” Kevin said.

  Kevin’s dad also gave him rides to Green Bay all-ages venues like Concept Cafe, and the Roach House in his formative years.

  Kevin’s father is aware of the progression from those days, “I think he is really proud of me. It enabled me to travel around the world and stuff.”

  This is “a-raise-money-for-the-guy-suffering-from-cancer” article so I will not delve into the more rebellious, anti-authoritarian leanings in Kevin’s music/viewpoints.

  This is about his dad.

  But I think we can agree with Kevin’s opinion regarding neglect towards our veterans:

“It seems like people talk a lot about how much they support our troops. Our troops get pretty bad medical treatment. I am not even a supporter of troops.”

Pink Reason, Mosses, Ipps will perform Thursday, March 5th at Cafe Bourbon Street/the Summit. 2210 Summit Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201. $5 dollar cover. 9pm.