Black man holding a sign above his head saying USA, Wall St. Out of Puerto Rico

Thursday, March 29, 7pm
2115 North High Street (The Busch House), NOT St. Stephen’s
Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico six months ago. It was the most catastrophic storm to hit the island in over a century. 200,000 people are still without power making this the longest blackout in U.S. history. 
Federal neglect, colonial oppression, and climate change brought devastation even before the storm. After the storm, we have seen a battle between wealthy investors and working class Puerto Ricans fighting for the island's future. The Puerto Rican government, under the control of US Empire, has pushed intense forms of austerity and neoliberalism on to the island. They have tried to privatize public power providers as well as public schools. However, just last week, teachers planned a day-long strike to resist the privatization. The story of Puerto Rico after Maria is one of suffering and imperial exploitation, but also one of solidarity and the struggle against oppression.
Join ISO this Thursday as we discuss the state of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and stick around to discuss our upcoming plans for the Socialism 2018 Conference!
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