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Mon, August 31, 10am, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio [PUCO], 180 E. Broad St.

The PUCO has postponed the hearings for the third time, to August 31, for which date we will reschedule our rally. Postponing is likely a good sign. PUCO has gotten a lot of push-back from the public, showing statistics that contradict the propaganda being fed to them by FirstEnergy. They will have a harder time rubberstamping the request and any complicity with industry would stand out.

Rally with the Sierra Club and others at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Tell them, “Don’t charge electric ratepayers $3 billion to bail out FirstEnergy’s unprofitable coal plants and the aging, accident-plagued Davis-Besse nuclear reactor!”

FirstEnergy led the fight that overturned Ohio’s renewable and efficiency standards. Boo! Now the PUCO is going to decide whether to hand them an enormous monetary gift, at the expense of the public health and purse.

No bailouts! No kidding!

Please check the below Facebook page before attending this rally because the PUCO hearing, which is currently scheduled for 8-31-2015, may be rescheduled yet again.

Photo by Bob Studzinski